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Bo stared across his desk at Rafe Hernandez, and tried, yet again, to figure out the other man.  As much as he should like Rafe, there was something about the FBI agent that annoyed him, and Bo could never exactly place it.  "Look, Rafe," he said.  "If Sydney died in the Salem River, this is a local matter.  It's no longer a job for the FBI." 

Rafe bobbed his head a little.  "Normally, that might be true, but I've spent enough man-hours on this case that I'm going to see it through.  I'm going to find out who took Sydney and what happened to her."  He glared at Bo as if spoiling for a fight.

A younger Bo Brady would have given one, but time had worked wonders on the legendary Bo Brady temper.  "Fine.  You want to stay, go for it.  We've got enough problems for the time being."  He had just posted bond for his girlfriend, Carly, who had accidentally shot her daughter the night before.  Dealing with that, his ex-wife just getting out of the hospital, and a kidnapping-turned-murder investigation was a bit much.

"Yeah, I heard about the shooting last night," Rafe said.  "That's gotta suck for you."

Bo took a deep breath, because sometimes that legendary Bo Brady temper still came roaring out.   And Rafe was dating his niece, Sami, Sydney's mother, so he decided to respond a bit more gently than he otherwise might have.  "Did you get dropped on your head a lot when you were a child?"  At Rafe's bewildered look, Bo added.  "Rafe, if you're going to find out what happened to Sydney, fine.  Just keep your nose out of Salem PD business."

Rafe turned and left the office just as Roman entered.  "Roman, I'm sorry about Sydney," the FBI agent said.  Roman gave a curt head-shake, acknowledging the other man.

"Thank's, Rafe.  How's Sami taking it today?"

"I'm going to check on her.  I think she was seeing EJ to discuss, well, to discuss arrangements."

Roman nodded.  "Tell her  I'll be over a little later after I go to the airport."  Before Rafe could turn away, Roman added, "And don't go riling up DiMera, okay?  Sami's got enough to deal with right now.  She doesn't need to play referee between you and EJ." 

Rafe began to object, but Bo cut him off.  "Listen to Roman.  He knows his daughter.  Now get out of here." 

Once the FBI agent had left, Roman shut the door and rolled his eyes.  "Tell me what I did wrong in a prior life to deserve Rafe Hernandez with my daughter."

"No can do, Big Bro," Bo said.  "But look on the bright side.  Better Rafe Hernandez than EJ DiMera."

"Yeah, my Sami sure can pick 'em, can't she?"

Bo had to chuckle at that.  Samantha Brady, Roman's daughter, had been through a succession of marriages and had a brood of children by different fathers, including two with Stefano's son EJ.  Well, one child now, Bo corrected himself.  Sydney had been the second.  "Rafe's going to keep investigating.  Says he has too many man-hours on the case to stop now."

Roman just nodded.  "Fine.  We couldn't really do it; we're too close to the case.  Anyway, let's change the subject.  I heard Carly posted bail."

"Yep," Bo said.  "I posted it for her."

"Bo, you can't do that.  You're the Police Commissioner.  You can't post bail for attempted murderers."  Roman started to get agitated and begin to pace around the room.

"It was an accident.  Carly was trying to shoot Vivian -- and don't tell me that wouldn't have been justified -- and Melanie got in the way."  Bo ran a hand through his hair.  "I couldn't leave her in jail."

"'Kay."  Roman paused and then sighed.  "I guess I couldn't have done it either if it was someone I cared about.  Speaking of which, I'm going to pick Marlena up at the airport.  Feel like coming with?  I could use some back-up."

Bo shook his head.  "Sorry.  No can do.  I've got to look over some stuff right now, but let me know when you're heading to Sami's and I'll come over."

"Will do." Roman said.  "I'm not looking forward to this, but it'll be good for Sami to have her mother here."

"Yep."  He looked at the pile of files that he really had to examine and then looked at his brother.  Roman obviously had not slept the night before and Bo knew it would be painful for him to spend the day with his ex-wife and their daughter, mourning their granddaughter.  "Screw it," he said, standing up from his chair.  "I'm coming with you, Bro.  Let me get me coat."