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Chapter 13: A Bad Week in Salem

Bo Brady felt sick.  He had been through some tough times before, but it was hard to remember a week worse than this one.  First, Hope's accident, then Kim's news, Carly shooting Melanie, and, worst of all, the DNA results on the girl's dress from the river.  He heard the sound of something shatter next door, and knew his brother was feeling even worse.  Walking out of his office, he headed to Roman's office and opened it.  Roman was pacing behind his desk, his fists clenched.  On the opposite side of the room, the remnants of a picture frame and a plaque were scattered on the ground.

"Get out of here," Roman growled. 

"Bro," Bo said.  That was about all he knew how to say.  What words could help at a time like this.

"She was just a baby, Bo."  Roman looked up, his eyes red-rimmed.  Bo did not know what to say.  He shoved his hands in his pockets and just stood there while his brother let loose.  "Damn it!" Roman yelled, as he hurled another projectile across the room, a paperweight from the dent it made in the wall.  "Just a baby."

"I swear, Roman," Bo said, the words finally coming.  "We'll find out who did this to Sydney, I swear."

Roman sank into his chair, bereft. 

"Did you see Sami?" Bo asked.  He realized that was a mistake when Roman slammed a fist onto his desk.

"Yeah, I saw Sami, and Rafe."  He shook his head angrily.  "I should have been the one to tell her about the DNA results, not the FBI.  At a time like this, she needs family."

"He was just doing his job," Bo said, hoping calm and reason would temper Roman's fury.  "And you know he cares about Sami."

"I know," Roman's voice returned to even keel.  "I still think I should've been the one to tell her.  She's my daughter.  And . . . Sydney was my granddaughter."

Bo nodded.  Brady blood ran strong.  "You talk to Marlena?"

"She's going to stop here before going out to LA to see Kim."

Now it was Bo's turn to be annoyed.  "I should be doing that, not Marlena."

"You're needed here, Bo.  You know that."

"I know," Bo said, and Roman laughed at the way his brother sounded like the petulant teen of 30 years earlier.  "It just sucks sometimes to have to be responsible.  With everything going on, maybe you should be Commish.  I wonder if Abe's around right now to take my resignation."

Roman rolled his eyes.  "Sure, that'll go over great right now."  He glanced around, taking in the damage he had done to this office.  "Times like this, little brother, and I'm glad I'm the Deputy."  He checked the clock, which read 1 a.m.  "We'll need to tell Mom about Sydney in the morning, and she'll want to tell Kimmie, and, damn. . . ."

Bo understood.  The last thing they wanted to burden Kim with was more sad news.  But the only way to avoid that to tell their mom about Kim's cancer and convince her not to say anything to Kim because of her condition.  "Not a lot of options, are there?" he said, as Roman shook his head.  Bo sighed, and pulled out a coin.  "Heads, you tell mom; tails, I do."

Roman's eyes narrowed.  "That's not your two-headed quarter?"