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Background: Salem 2010

In my very first post on this site, I mentioned how fitting this story into 2010 events was going to be a challenge.  Because there will be some upcoming scenes set in Salem that refer to current events, I thought I would provide a quick background.  For the story, I chose February 2010 as the relevant time period because that fit Kim going through chemo in anticipation of a bone marrow transplant (which canon set in April 2010).  Unfortunately for me, February is sweeps for US TV shows, so all hell tends to break loose on soap operas.  So here is a quick summary of the events taking place in Salem in February 2010.

Most important is the Sydnapping storyline.  This is the long-running story of the kidnapping of Sydney DiMera, daughter of EJ DiMera and Samantha "Sami" Brady (Roman and Marlena's daughter).  I won't try to detail the whole history of this storyline because it involves a baby swap, the death of a child wrongly believed to be EJ's and Sami's, their discovery that the dead bay was not their child, but Sydney was, and, then, EJ's aunt Anna kidnapping Sydney at EJ's instruction.  At the point the story gets to Salem, Rafe Hernandez, Sami's current boyfriend and FBI agent, was closing in on the kidnappers when a bloody dress was found in the Salem River.  The DNA matched Sydney's, so everyone thought Sydney was dead.  Shortly thereafter, EJ revealed that Sydney was alive and returned her to Salem.  Rafe continued to investigate to try to find out exactly what happened to Sydney.  (This investigation will be highly relevant to From the Ashes.)

In the same week as Sydney's dress was found, two other things happened that will be referenced.  Hope Brady, Bo's ex-wife, was injured in an accident and hospitalized.  (I haven't exactly figured out why, but the reason is relatively unimportant.)  More important is the fact that Bo's current girlfriend, Carly Manning, a doctor at University Hospital, was involved in a shooting.  Apologies in advance for the ridiculousness of this explanation, but here is how I've pieced this all together.  Victor Kiriakis has been in a relationship with Vivian Alamain, who has a long-standing vendetta against Carly.  Vivian discovered that Melanie Layton, who was engaged to marry Victor's son, Philip.  Vivian plotted to kill Melanie using a poisoned hairpiece at he Valentine's Day wedding to Philip.  She also had Carly kidnapped and locked in a warehouse where she would be forced to watch Melanie's death.  The plot was foiled when Victor replaced the hairpiece, and Carly escaped.   However, Carly confronted Vivian, and attempted to shoot her, but shot Melanie instead.  Okay, you can all now stop rolling your eyes.  I only post this because some of the upcoming Bo and Roman scenes have to mention it.

Anyway, hopefully that will provide some context for the upcoming Salem scenes.