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Chapter 134: "Maybe it was a bit blunt."

Andrew tried to focus on the road as they drove back to Malibu, but his mind was racing with a jumble of different thoughts and feelings. 

The most important thing was his overwhelming relief that Kim was out of surgery and seemed okay.  Andrew had known that he was worried earlier in the day, but he was shocked by just how relieved he felt when he saw Kim afterwards.  Now they just had to wait and see if the transplant worked.

But that was hardly all that was on his mind.  He still had to puzzle out the mystery of the gang members who had attacked him and Shivaughn.  After the police and Bo's interrogations, Andrew had called a colleague in the ISA's research department, who promised to see what they had on file about Philip Collier and Sam Vincent.  Maybe with that information, Andrew could figure out what was going on.

And then there was Shivaughn.  He glanced out the corner of his eye to the passenger seat, and saw that she was watching him intently.  It was hard not to keep thinking about how she had kissed him after the fight.  That kiss had been like raw energy and from the look on Shivaughn's face, he had a feeling that she had every intention of following up on it when they got home.

"Ahem," came Jeannie's voice from the backseat.  "If I may interrupt the eye-fucking for a moment--"

Andrew felt his face flush.  "Bloody hell, Sis," he said, mortified.  "Could you be any more rude?"  He looked at Shivaughn, who appeared to be as embarrassed as he was.  The main difference was that her dark skin had not turned bright red like his.

"Yes, well, sorry about that," Jeannie said.  "Maybe that was a bit blunt."

"A bit?" Andrew raised an eyebrow.

"Okay . . . but that's not important right now.  What I want to know is why you didn't mention that the British Army had invaded our home."

"They what?"  Shivaughn sounded surprised.

"Oh, right, you were with Andy when Marlena told Bo about that."  Jeannie paused.  "So, big brother, are you going to tell me why you didn't tell me?"

Andrew tried to think fast.  "I was going to tell you after we got home," he lied.  "With everything with Mum, I didn't think you needed to worry about it.  But Marlena was freaked out because she couldn't get a line on John, so I told her."  He waited, wondering if that would mollify Jeanie.

It seemed to work.  She sat back in her seat.  "Go back to what you were doing up there," she said, her tone only partially teasing.  "I'll just sit here and remind myself I could have driven back with the others."

Andrew just shook his head.  Jeannie's sarcastic/humorous side sometimes eluded him.  He glanced again at Shivaughn, but she seemed to be making an effort to stare straight ahead and not look at him.  In silence, they drove the rest of the way back to Kim's house.

Once there, Andrew excused himself and headed to his room.  A few minutes later, he had entered his security codes and accessed the ISA network.  His friend had come through with a couple of files on Sam Vincent, but said he could find nothing on Phillip Collier.

"Guess I've got to go on what I have," Andrew muttered, as he opened the first file and began reading about Sam Vincent.  His eyes widened as he learned that Vincent was the son of Salvatore De Vicenzo, former Don of the De Vicenzo family.  His production and distribution company was the perfect vehicle to launder mob money from drugs, gun-running, and all sorts of illicit activity.  The money came in as "investments" and went out as legitimate profits paid to investors.

The second file was an overview of the ISA's recent operation.  The De Vicenzo family had been pretty much decimated by the arrests.  Those occurred just days before Sam Vincent's suicide.

Andrew sat back and tried to put the pieces together.  From what the gang members said, Phillip was somehow involved with Vincent.  If Vincent laundered money through his production and distribution company, Phillip's films probably played a role.  But that did not explain the gang members focus on Phillip.  They had said that Phillip's "road" was theirs.


It suddenly hit Andrew.  Phillip's movies were distributed on DVD and sent all over the world.  That could provide cover for just about anything.

And I was sleeping with a mob princess, Andrew thought.  The son of the ISA chief in bed with the daughter of a drug trafficker.  That would have made for a hell of a scandal.

Andrew sat back in his chair and thought.  How could Father not have known about this?  There was no way he would have let Andrew and Jeannie be raised by someone with mob connections.

Or maybe he did know.  Andrew remembered how he was unceremoniously shipped back to England by Phillip.  Shane had barely asked any questions upon his return.  Had Phillip said something? 

But if Father knew about Phillip's connections, why wouldn't he have told Kim or insisted on Jeannie leaving California?  It made no sense that he would just sit by and do nothing.  That just was not Shane Donovan.

I'm missing something, Andrew thought.  There has to be some explanation.

He picked up his phone and dialed his ISA superior.  Despite the conflicts they had over his coming to California and the issues surrounding John and Hope, Captain Davies might have some thoughts.  The call went through and Andrew asked for the Captain.

"Davies here," came in a brusque tone of Andrew's superior.

"It's Donovan," Andrew said.  He then laid out the events of the day and what he had put together from the Vincent file.  After explaining his suspicions about Phillip, Andrew said, "It looks like these gang members want to use Collier's distribution network.  Maybe I can get involved, since they already think I'm part of it."

There was a pause on the other end of the line.  Good, he's thinking about it, Andrew thought.  He waited for Davies' answer.

"Under absolutely no circumstances, Agent Donovan," Davies said.  "Do I make myself clear?"


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Jun. 24th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
OMG!!- It just keeps getting better! I can't wait to find out what Shane knew....and why he didn't act on it...hmmm....I wonder.. if that is why Operacion Norteno was of such personal interest to him...or am I reading too much into it... ;)
Jun. 24th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
That's an interesting theory. You may be reading too much into it, though. But, then again, maybe you aren't.

Shane's reasons for taking the mission will be revealed at some point, but there is still a while to go before that happens.
Jul. 16th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
ch 134
Just my 2 cent perspective, and I’m no fan of vulgar language, either, however, I think in the context of Jeannie’s character, her comment reflects who she is. While I agree that K/S’s children probably would not have been raised that way, and judging by Andrew’s reaction and thoughts, he didn’t appreciate her comment either. That said, consider that Andrew was raised under Shane’s influence except for the few years between Salem/LA and boarding school, while Jeannie was raised her whole life in LA and Philip’s influence. The author has given us enough background on Philip to conclude what type of man he is, the business he is in and how he has influenced Jeannie’s life (IMO). Add to that her tough and guarded personality, even though (IMO) she acts this way to hide the hurt Shane’s absence and perceived indifference to her has caused. Wonder who she takes after there? (but I guess only the author knows that for sure- wink). Also, realistically this day and age it is very hard to keep teenagers from using four-letter words. I never use them and was quite appalled and shocked when I overheard my own daughter’s four-letter diatribe to a friend she was angry with on the phone one day. She is Jeannie’s canon age btw. Personally, I guess I always thought Shane would be a good father and his daughter would be very loved, spoiled and, given Kim’s past and his job, overprotected, very much his little princess, but I do like this Jeannie, because she is smart, ambitious and really has a lot of Shane’s personality and she works for this story.
Jul. 14th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Hi, just wanted to comment on Jeannie's/Andrew's vulgarity. I can't imagine Kim or Shane raising 2 children that turned out like you have written them. Don't like posting as Anonymous, so just wanted you to know that you know me as PageTwentyseven.
Jul. 14th, 2011 08:12 am (UTC)
Thanks for the comment. I'm curious about your comment. Despite Jeannie's comment in this scene, do you really think Jeannie and Andrew are particularly vulgar in this story? I tried to look at their uses of vulgar terms and thought they were generally pretty limited.

As for whether Shane and Kim would have children who use curse words, I guess that is open to debate. Shane certainly used phrases like damn and bloody (which used to be considered much more vulgar than it is now). Andrew lived at boarding school and university and then served in the British army. I've tried to convey that he can be a charming gentleman like his father, but also is not a choirboy. So I don't think he's above using an occasional curse.

The same, imo, goes for Jeannie. She grew up in Los Angeles, attending school with the uber-rich, which I envisioned included plenty of party girls. I was trying to convey in this scene that Jeannie can be rather blunt and may not always choose her words carefully. I think this scene is one of the first times Jeannie swears in the entire story. The only other time I could find was when she thinks of Phillip Collier as a son-of-a-bitch. Granted, I did not search every entry in which she appears, but thought her language was generally pretty tame.
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