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Chapter 132: Waking (NSFW)

Kim trembled as Shane lowered her to the bed. Her hands ran over the taut muscles of his chest and shoulders, as she helped him remove his shirt.

Their lips met again and she let his tongue explore.  She was so caught up in the kiss that she barely realized he was undressing her.  Soon, they were both naked, their bodies pressed together.  Kim could feel the heat from his body and then he was inside her and they were moving in rhythmic harmony.

"Oh . . . Shane," she moaned as he continued to plunge deep inside her.  His thrusts were slow and measured, even though she heard herself begging for him to fuck her harder and faster.

"Is that what you really want?" he teased, still keeping his pace deliberate.

She pulled his head down and tightened her inner muscles, eliciting a deep-throated moan from him.  Two could play at this game, she thought.  She moved with him, with each stroke, pulling him deeper and deeper.  "Does that give you your answer?" she asked.

The heat nearly overwhelmed her as he growled an almost inaudible "yes" and acceded to her body's demands.  They began moving faster, as Shane reared his head back and pumped harder.  One of his hands slid between her legs adding to her pleasure and driving her to dizzying heights.

She came with a shocking fury and her world disappeared into a shaking, shuddering tide of passion.  She must have cried out, but she could not hear words or sounds, so lost she was in the waves that wracked her body.

Shane was not done, and he continued to rock her body with his furious thrusts.  She looked up and watched his face.  His hair was a mess of matted curls and the perspiration caused his entire face to glisten in the morning light.  His jaw was clenched tight and the muscles in his neck and face strained as he approached release.  His eyes closed as his breaths came shorter and more rapidly.

"Kim," he groaned.

That's right my love, she thought as she felt him let go.  He buried himself deep inside her and finished with a few more ragged moans.

Shane stayed like that, gasping for breath.  Kim ran her hands over his slick, hot skin, and then pulled his head down for another long, breathless kiss.  She buried her hands in his thick, dark hair, as they returned to slow, gentle motions.

There was no man who could make her feel this way.  No man could make her feel so loved and fuel her passion like Shane could.  As he pulled his head back from their kiss, she could see her own love reflected in his eyes.

"I love you, Shane," she whispered.  "I love you more than life itself."

As he pulled out of her, he did not say any words, but his eyes told her that he felt the same.  Shane reached a hand out and ran it softly over her cheek and then her lips.  Kim closed her eyes, just wanting to feel his touch.  His finger pulled away and she stayed there, waiting for his next caress.


Her eyes popped open.  Where was Shane?  Where was she?  This was no longer their bedroom on an early morning, but . . . . where?

A masked woman loomed over her.  "Calm down, Mrs. Collier."

Mrs. Collier?  For a moment, Kim did not know who that was.

"Just calm down," the woman said.  "You're just coming out of the sedative.  It's normal to be a little disoriented."

Sedative?  Then Kim remembered.  The infusion.  They had put her under while they did the bone marrow transplant.

The nurse pulled a blanket over Kim's shoulders.  "You're probably cold.  That's normal."

Cold?  She shivered as the chills wracked her body.  A moment ago, she had been on fire.  Now she was freezing.  "Cold," she murmured.

"I'll get another blanket," the nurse said.

The second blanket helped and after a few minutes, Kim began to come to her senses.  She glanced around the room, taking in the standard-issue hospital bedside-table, dresser, and chairs.  She knew she had better get used to it.  It was going to be her home for at least a few weeks, and then she would probably be transferred to a transplant center to wait to see if the transplant had taken.

"Mrs. Collier?"

 She looked up to see Dr. Lawrence in the doorway.  He was in his surgical scrubs and had a mask over his mouth.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

Kim thought about it for a moment.  "Okay . . . I guess."  Her voice sounded like it was in a tunnel.  "Did everything go okay?"  She had no idea if she actually pronounced the words right.

"Absolutely."  He looked to his side.  "I have some people who are here to see you.  I'd like to limit it to just a few minutes, though.  You need to get your rest."

"'Kay," Kim said.

Her family members streamed through the door.  At least, she thought they were her family.  It was a little hard to tell because they all wore blue smocks, hats, and surgical masks.


Okay, it was her family.  Only Andrew called her that.  She smiled, or at least tried to.  "I'm fine, sweetie."  She paused.  Did she call Andrew that?  Had she called him that at any time since he was six?  Her head seemed foggy and, despite having just woken up, she felt worn out.

He did not seem to mind, because he took her hand as the rest of her family approached the bed.  Jeannie was the really short one.  Caroline's curly hair was obvious behind the mask.  Bo looked at her with concern evidence in his soft, brown eyes, really the only part of his face that wsa visible.

"I feel like I'm in the surgery scene in ET," Kim joked wearily.

Everyone laughed -- probably more due to relief than the joke itself.  Whatever worry they had seemed to dissipate immediately and they began talking back and forth, the words too fast for Kim to really follow.  But she knew they were all happy and relieved, and she listened to the sounds of their voices until she began to yawn and then succumbed once again to sleep.


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Jun. 19th, 2011 12:35 am (UTC)
Ch 132
Great scene (for obvious reasons:)) but I would have thought it interesting after such an intense subconscious moment and since she is still rather groggy for her to see Andrew and say "Shane you're here?," or "Shane?". After all he looks so much like him and she could only see their eyes. Then have Andrew answer, "No Mum, it's me." and then proceed with the dialogue as written. Of course, then you would have to deal with the consequences of that subconscious slip later, since she won't remember it. I guess it is kind of cliche but fun and it would add fuel to everyone's fire as to her true feelings.

Just my thought definitely not a "critic", I think you've done an amazing job so far keeping all the balls in the air to create a compelling story that does justice to our favorite main characters. ;)
Jun. 19th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
Re: Ch 132
Thanks very much for the comment. It has been a challenge to keep the subplots rolling, while also maintaining the focus on Shane and Kim. Part of the difficulty is managing the timing that the show gave -- Shane in prison for such a long time; Kim getting the transplant; etc. And, in hindsight, I kind of botched the timing for one storyline and am now trying to get it back in gear so everything works out down the road.

As for the Andrew line you suggest, it definitely is not an off-the-wall idea and something similar to an idea I considered at one point. There was an early scene where Kim has an erotic dream and Marlena is playing nursemaid that night. My original thought was to have it be Andrew's night, Kim would wake from her dream, see him in the doorway, and call him "Shane." But after discussing it with a friend, I decided that would be a little too awkward. It might read as Kim having sexual feelings for her son. I think the same might have occurred here, because Kim's dream was so sexual,

I definitely appreciate the thought. Please offer any suggestions about rewrites, additions, or things you would like to see. This is still a work in progress and I welcome suggestions.
Jun. 20th, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)
Re: Ch 132
You know I was just refreshing my memory on some earlier scenes and I notice chapter 22 is missing. Or at least it's not inbetween 21 and 23. :)
Jun. 20th, 2011 01:39 am (UTC)
Re: Ch 132
Thank you for pointing it out. I don't know why that chapter is missing, but I added it with chapter 23 at http://jwsel.livejournal.com/9645.html and added s post to the blog.

Thank you so much for catching the missing chapter.
Jul. 3rd, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
Re: Ch 132
I see your point/concern, but I think you've done a great job explaining that although Kim sees the similiarities in Shane and Andrew, she knows it's not the same(he is not Shane)- Andrew's a reminder not a replacement, for example ch. 38 last few paragraphs.
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