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Chapter 131: Back at the hospital

"I don't know," Andrew said to the officer.  "I really have no bloody clue why they attacked us."

Bo put a hand on his nephew's shoulder to calm him down.  "Just explain what happened, Andy."

Andrew nodded and went through the story for the second time since he and Shivaughn had returned to the hospital.  The Sheriff Deputy listened and wrote down notes as Andrew talked.  Then he looked at Andrew skeptically, "And you fought off all four men?"

"Yes, I did," Andrew replied.

"Andy has military training," Bo added.  "In the British Army equivalent of our Rangers."

The officer looked at Andrew again and then began asking questions about the references to Phillip Collier.  Bo found those intriguing as well.  Bo had supported Kim's remarriage, but had never particularly liked Collier.  Bo had always attributed his subtle dislike for Collier as the result of his belief that Kim had settled for something far less than what she had -- and could have had again -- with Shane.  Collier always seemed like an interloper to Bo, who also was not a fan of the way Collier flashed his wealth and Hollywood connections around to impress people.

Now, however, Bo wondered what else there was about Collier that would have given him reason to dislike the man.  Not as though he needed one; the man had humiliated Kim with his public affair.

"Do you know who this 'Vincent' is that they referred to?" the sheriff asked. The question caused Bo's thoughts to return to the interview.

"No . . . well, maybe," Andrew answered.  "We had a neighbor who worked with Phillip.  Sam Vincent.  He was the head of a big studio and had some involvement with Phillip's movies."  Andrew paused.  "He killed himself recently."

The officer nodded.  "That fits with what you said one of the men said -- about Vincent 'capping himself.'"

"So this was probably just revenge on Andy for interfering with their plans?"  Bo thought that most likely explanation.  "They thought he was working for someone and tried to get information from him." 

"That's what it sounds like," the officer said.

Bo decided against asking why in front of the local cops.  Obviously, there was something going on with Collier and Bo suspected Andrew had an idea what it was.

He glanced around the waiting room.  Marlena, Caroline and Jeannie were watching Andrew and the officer closely.  Shivaughn was off in a corner, curled up with her arms around her knees, watching Andrew.  Because  Andrew seemed okay with the sheriff, so Bo walked over to her.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

She nodded, but Bo thought she might be shaken by what had happened.  Andrew had mentioned how the men had threatened to take Shivaughn with her.

"This probably isn't what you expected when you came out for spring break in L.A.," Bo said.  "But don't worry.  We'll make sure you're safe."

"I don't think I have to worry about that, Mr. Brady," Shivaughn said, her eyes shining as she looked at Andrew.

Bo got the picture.  The fair maiden was entranced by her knight in shining armor.  He almost laughed, but stopped himself.  Whatever was going on was serious and it was hard to imagine that the gang members -- if that really was who they were -- would not aim for retribution.

Still, it was just a few more days before Jeannie and Shivaughn returned to school.  Bo figured he could keep everyone safe for the time being.  In the meanwhile, he would see if Andrew had more information on Phillip Collier.  Maybe if they could figure out what Andrew had stepped into the middle of, they could get him out of any trouble.

Smiling gently at the girl, Bo walked back over to Andrew and the sheriff.  They seemed to be wrapping up.  Bo waited for them to finish and then the officer walked over to Shivaughn to get her version of events.

"She okay?" Andrew asked.  He must have noticed Bo walk over to check on her.

Bo nodded.  "She's fine.  Maybe a little shaken and maybe a little awed by her protector."  Bo laughed as Andrew's face turned red.  "Come on . . . it sounds like you barely broke a sweat.  That's pretty impressive."

Andrew shrugged it off.  "This whole thing is weird.  It's like they knew me, but I had no idea who they were or why they came after us."  He glanced around.  "Will you excuse me?"  He walked out of the room without waiting for Bo to respond.

Bo almost followed him, but figured he should stay here and see what he could get from the sheriff.  He waited for the man to finish questioning Shivaughn, then pulled the officer into the corridor outside the room and began peppering him with questions about Collier.  Unfortunately, the officer knew nothing at all.  Bo finally gave up and let the man go. 

As they finished, Bo spotted Andrew walking down the hall back toward the waiting room.  He was shoving his cell phone in his pocket.  Bo was about to ask who Andrew was calling, but Andrew rushed by him.  Bo turned to see his nephew racing to a doctor in surgical scrubs.

"Dr. Lawrence, how is she?' Andrew asked breathlessly.

The doctor gave a reassuring nod.  "She's fine.  The infusion went well and she's out of recovery and being taken to a room."

Bo felt his muscles let loose, as if all of the tension in his entire body released at once.  He had not even been aware of how nervous he was.  Now relieved, he could finally relax.

"When can we see her?"  That came from Caroline, who had stepped into the hallway.  The rest of the family had come out as well.  Bo could see the relief evident on their faces as well.

The doctor seemed to hesitated.  "You know she still has a long way to recovery and she's at risk of infection.  I'd like to limit visitors for the time being."

"But close family . . . we can see her, right?"  Jeannie sounded anxious to make sure Kim was okay.

"Okay."  The doctor seemed to relent.  "But just for a few minutes each.  And then, I urge you to go home.  This is a long process."  He looked at Andrew and then at Jeannie.  "Your mother will be in the hospital or a transplant center for several weeks, while we make sure the cells take.  You need to look at this like a marathon and not a sprint."

"They understand," Caroline said.  "However long it takes, we'll be here for Kimmie."

"Very well . . . ."  The doctor looked them over again.  "I'll have a nurse take you to Mrs. Collier's room and she can explain the protocols for visitors."

As he turned and walked away, a fresh wave of relief flooded over Bo.  He grabbed his mother in a tight hug, as she cried softly on his shoulder.  To his left, Andrew and Jeannie also were hugging, while Marlena said something about calling Roman and making sure Kayla got the news.

"She's going to be okay, Ma," Bo said as he continued to hold his mother.  Kim was going to be okay and, at the moment, nothing else seemed to matter.