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Chapter 127: "Cut him down."

"I want to see Donovan."

"Señor Kiriakis, that is just not possible," Presidente Vasquez said.  "He's not--"

"If you tell me he's not seeing visitors, Juan, I'll tell you that this is not a social visit."  Victor smiled slightly.  "Shane Donovan has cost me quite a bit of money and I would like to check on the condition of my investment."

Vasquez turned pink.  "Um . . . yes . . ."

The response spoke volumes.  "What have you done?  I gave explicit orders that Donovan was to be kept alive."  Victor felt the heat rising.  "I need him alive."

"He's alive," Vasquez said quickly.  "He's just . . . well, let's say that what you've described . . . it may not be possible right away."

Victor stood up angrily.  "Are you telling me that Donovan can't even be moved to another prison?  Let me see him now."

Standing from his chair, Vasquez walked to the double doors that led to his office.  He called out and a guard opened one of the doors from the other side.  "Take Señor Kiriakis to see the prisoner."

Victor gave Vasquez a sharp glance as he followed the guard out of the office.  Vasquez knew he was on a short leash.  If he had destroyed Victor's plans, there would be hell to pay.  Without Victor's considerable "investment" in Costa Blanca, Vasquez would be in front of a firing squad in a matter of weeks.

Maybe faster, if Victor did not like what he saw.

He followed the guard down the main staircase to the ground floor.  Then they turned and walked to one end of the palace and turned to the back.  Eventually, they reached a locked door.  The guard unlocked it and they made their way down a narrow flight of steps to a dank basement.  A second guard, playing the role of jailer, sat in a chair by another thick door.  He looked up in surprise when he saw Victor.

"Is Donovan in there?" Victor asked, motioning to the door.

"Sí, Señor," the guard replied.

"Open it."  The jailer looked to the one that had escorted Victor downstairs, who nodded.  The jailer pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door.

Victor took a step inside and froze when he saw Shane.

No.  They couldn't have.  They couldn't have killed him.

That was his first thought.  It took a moment for anything else to register.  Shane was in the center of the room.  He had been stripped to just a pair of pants and was tied by a rope suspended from the center of the ceiling.  His arms were above his head, and Victor could see the muscles in his shoulders and arms locked tight from the strain of the rope.  Shane's body was tilted forward, at almost a 45 degree angle.  He was almost kneeling, but his knees were just off the ground.  His head had lolled forward and his eyes, though slightly open, seemed to register nothing.

He's dead, Victor thought, even as he watched Shane's eyes, hoping for some sign of life.

Then, almost imperceptibly, he saw one of Shane's eyes move.  The dark pupil seemed to focus momentarily on Victor, then the eye closed

"Cut him down," Victor yelled.

"Señor . . . we have orders," said the jailer.

"I said cut him down," Victor repeated.  "Or I'll have both of you in front of a firing squad before the sun rises tomorrow."

That seemed to work.  The two men rushed forward.   One of them pulled a knife and began sawing through the rope a few inches above Shane's hands.  The rope threads gave way and he pitched forward into the arms of the jailer.   As his arms came free, Shane let out a weak cry of pain.

The guard who caught Shane lowered him to the floor, where he lay unmoving.

"Get back," Victor barked as he approached Shane.  Stepping closer, he could see the red hue of Shane's back and chest.  The area around the ribs looked particularly swollen.  No blood, but then Victor saw the length of rubber hose on the floor and figured out the guards' tactics.  

Slowly, Victor crouched down next to Shane.  "Donovan," he said.  "Do you know who I am?"  
His question was met by silence.


More silence.

"Answer me, damn, you!" Victor demanded.

In a dry rasp that barely rose above a whisper, he heard Shane say, "You're the bloody bastard that's gonna pay for this."

Victor turned to the guards.  "Get me some water," he ordered.  An instant later, he was holding a cup as the guards lifted Shane into something approximating a seated position.  As they moved his arms, he cried out again, and Victor could tell it would be impossible for Shane to even hold the cup, let alone be able to lift it.

"Here. . . ."  Victor tilted the cup to Shane's lips.  "Just a little," he said.  Victor had no idea how long Shane had been without water, and he suspected the same was true for food.  "How long has he been like this?" he yelled at the guards.  The angry words caused Shane to flinch back, spilling water down his bruised chest.

The guards glanced at one another, before one said, "Tres dias."

"Three days!" Victor shouted.  He was going to have Vasquez's head.  "Get a doctor down here, and I mean now.  Ahora!"

The guard who escorted Victor from Vasquez's office nodded, his face awash in terror.  Then he turned and sprinted for the stairs to the upstairs.

Shane was murmuring something that Victor could not make out.  He leaned closer and heard Shane whisper, "Why? Why bother?"

For the first time since he had seen Shane in the room, Victor remembered he needed Shane alive.  Although, for a moment, he hesitated.  Was his plan even necessary any more?  Donovan was beat.  He was slumped against the wall, his head lolling to the side, too weak to even hold his head up.  For a moment, Victor considered being merciful.  At this point, maybe a quick execution would be better.  

"Go ahead and kill me, Vic."  Donovan seemed to laugh at the thought, but the laugh turned into a weak, raspy cough.  "You won't break me."

In an instant, Victor was taken back to the chess game a few months earlier.  He was in that dank cell and Shane was smirking as he picked up Victor's queen.  "I know you too well, Kiriakis."  That's what Shane had said.  The rage Victor had felt at being humiliated that day came flooding back.

Victor stood and stepped away from Shane.  "You're lucky, Donovan.  I might've killed you, but I need you alive now."  Shane did not react.  The only part of him that moved were his eyes.  They now seemed more focused than before.  

"Why?" Shane rasped.

Victor shook his head.  "I'm afraid that is not open for discussion.  But you'll be happy to know that you will be taking a vacation from your present surroundings."

Behind Victor, he heard movement.  He turned to see Vasquez enter the room.

"You're lucky, Juan," Victor said in a low voice.  "I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself."  He glanced back at Shane and saw the injured man was paying keen attention to their conversation.  "Get a doctor down here and get him fixed up.  You've got two weeks to get him back to health and ready for what we discussed."  From Vasquez's hurried response, Victor could tell El Presidente would follow orders.

Again, in that weak, barely audible voice, Shane asked, "Why?"

Victor turned and studied his old adversary.  It was too bad that this would probably be the last time they ever saw one another. Although, Victor thought, it might be interesting to let Donovan live a little longer than his son; just to make Donovan truly break.  Victor would have to think about that a bit more.  "Why, Donovan?" Victor said.  "Let's just say that our little game has a few more pieces on the board.  Think of us as rival kings.  The game can't end until some of the other pieces are removed."

Shane showed almost no reaction, but Victor saw his eyes widen slightly.  He covered quickly though.  It was astonishing, actually, considering his condition.

Victor headed for the door, leaving Vasquez with the jailer.  Just coming into the room was a white-coated doctor and the guard.  The doctor crossed the room to Shane.  Victor gave Vasquez a sharp glance, and the Costa Blancan leader looked down at the floor.  Then Victor looked back at Shane who was ignoring the doctor and had his eyes fixed on Victor.  Despite his almost inability to keep his hear up, Shane's eyes shone with defiance, an unnerving showing of strength that the man should not have had.

I've still got my trump card, Victor thought.  He smiled at Shane.  "I should mention that you've already lost one of your pieces, Donovan."

Shane's defiant look wavered.  For a moment, Victor could see his confusion and worry, but it disappeared almost as fast.

"You probably wouldn't have even noticed," Victor said, smirking.  "After all, who'd miss a brother you supposedly hadn't seen in 20 years?"

"Victor!"  Shane's voice rose sharply.

"Oh . . . I guess maybe you would," Victor mocked.  "Such a shame.  You have my condolences, of course."  As Victor turned and walked out the door, he called out.  "Just remember, Donovan.  That's only the first piece.  How many more will you lose before the game is done?"


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May. 27th, 2011 06:21 am (UTC)
Had to make 2 comments, hope you don't mind.
1) I hope when this is done, Victor, finally gets what he deserves. I would love to see Jeannie be the one to bring him down! - Your prison scenes are so intense, and when you consider the laughable rafe/stefano/ej prison scenes we see on tv, these are just brutal. I want Shane to get justice/revenge, he just has to!!! So I just need to vent my frustration that the bad guys in Salem never seem to get punished/caught.
2) Also, had to tell you that the Dream Forever scene was so good I thought it was a real scene from the show. I'm a new fan to K/S and have only recently started watching full episodes. I'm up to June'86. I was so disappointed when I watched December '85 and kept waiting for the scene and I finally realized you must have made it up!! I could actually visualize charlie and patsy doing that scene, the playful banter, the non-verbals. PS - you don't have to post this or reply, but thanks for a great story. I look forward to each chapter.
May. 27th, 2011 07:01 am (UTC)
Mind? Of course, I don't mind. I welcome any kind of feedback. So please feel free to comment on anything -- good, bad, anything.

In response to your two thoughts.

1) I'll admit that I don't completely know what I plan to do with Victor. I've had some competing thoughts, and if what I'm leaning to is most likely, justice could be delayed. Jeannie will definitely play a big role in what I'm planning. At some point, though, Shane may have to make some difficult choices.

As for the prison scenes, the show really did make them laughable. I've been trying to figure out how anyone could keep Shane Donovan in prison for as long as he had to be (since he didn't know about Sydney or her kidnapping), something that he would have learned from Kim, Marlena or John. So that's why I've made the conditions pretty harsh. However, I've been trying to avoid the overkill torture that I've seen in other fanfics, so I hope I've been able to walk a fine line -- providing enough detail to explain why Shane is still there without veering into gratuitous violence.

2) I'm glad the Dream Forever line felt true to character. That's the best possible compliment a fanfic writer can get. What's ironic is that I originally wrote a version of that scene about 10 years ago for a character in another fandom (inspired after seeing a production of La Boheme). But the scene never felt "right" for that character, so it went into a file of scene excerpts. When I was thinking about Shane/Kim moments, I looked back at that scene and thought it fit them. So I took the general idea of the characters listening to the opera and some of the dialogue about the opera itself, and wrote a new scene. It's great that someone liked it.

Enjoy watching the clips. I really enjoy the show through late 1986. Unfortunately, I think Shane and Kim really get some shoddy writing in 1987 and most of 1988. But you still have the Stockholm storyline in 1986 to watch. That is one of my favorites, even if Kim and Shane are somewhat tangential to it. Enjoy.
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