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Chapter 118: "Right there!" (NSFW)

"Ohhhhh . . .  A little to the right.  Oh . . .  That's it . . . Faster.  No, really faster.  Oh, yes, Oh!  Oh!  Move up a little."

Philip suspected the woman's cries could be heard throughout Kiriakis Mansion.  Envisioning Vivian listening was hardly a pleasant thought.

"Up . . . Oh yeah . . . Right there!"

Philip grimaced.  If he wanted directions, he would have just bought a GPS.  He kept pumping in and out of the woman, wishing he could just get this over with.  Too bad he did not have anything nearby that he could use to gag her.  Even more, he wished he had some noise-cancelling headphones.

"Harder," the blonde cried, even as Philip wondered how the hell he could pound her any harder or faster.  Even worse, every time she told him what to do, it made it harder for him to keep going, which, in turn, prolonged this nightmare.  "Yes . . . That's right . . . ooooohhhhh . . . Right there. . . ."

Just as Philip was about to tell her to shut the hell up, his cell phone rang.  He doubted the sound of a ringtone had ever been as welcome.  Saved, he thought.  He pulled out of her and said, "Stay right there."  He ignored her complaints as she pouted, but reached over for his phone and answered, "Kiriakis."

"Philip."  Victor's voice came through loudly over the line.  Normally, Philip would be annoyed by a late-evening call from his father, but right now, he was grateful.  This would definitely get him out of his current predicament.

He sat up.  "Father, it's so good to hear your voice."

"Are you all right?"  Victor's tone sounded suspicious.  "You sound like something's wrong."

"I'm fine," Philip said.  "I was just . . . in the other room.  That may be why I seem out of breath."  He glanced at the blonde, who was still pouting.

"Well I hope you didn't forget about the hospital benefit."

"No, of course, not.  I went.  I, um, just wasn't feeling all that well, so I didn't stay for the whole thing."  Philip expected Victor to say something critical, but was surprised when Victor did not begin a lecture on the importance of maintaining the Kiriakis family image in Salem.

"Good," Victor said.  "I have something I need you to do."

"Of course."  Philip made a point of giving the woman an apologetic look.  "What do you need?"

"I want you to order some flowers and have them delivered to someone in Malibu, California."

That was funny.  Philip had no idea who Victor knew in Malibu, but he took out a pen and jotted down the address on the notepad.  "And who are the flowers for?"

"Jeannie Donovan."

The name caught Philip by surprised.  He still had his dossier on the Donovan kids, but he had assumed Victor's target was Andrew Donovan.  And wasn't Jeannie Donovan in law school back east?  "Very well.  What should the card say?"

"I don't know," Victor said.  "Something supportive.  Her mother is having surgery and make sure it comes from me and Titan.  Have it from 'Victor and your friends at Titan.'  Okay?"

"Sure thing."  Philip finished writing that down. "By the way, where are you?  You took off so fast earlier, and nobody could tell me where you went."

There was a pause.  "Don't worry about it, Philip.  I'm just dealing with some business with some of our South American partners.  One of these days, I'll have to bring you down here so you can learn all about these operations."

Not very subtle, Philip thought.  Whatever operations Victor was describing were almost certainly of the less-than-legal kind.  "So how long will you be gone?"

"Just a day or two.  I'm almost done.  All that's really left is to pay a visit to an old friend."

Philip had the sense that there was more to it, but when Victor acted circumspect, it was best not to push things.  He glanced again at the blonde in his bed.  For the life of him, he could not remember her name, but then he had barely cared enough to notice it in the first place.  Philip feigned a smile that he hoped came across as apologetic, as he finished the call.  "Very well, Father.  I'll take care of that task for you.  Please call if you need anything else."

As he set his cell phone down on the night stand, the woman sat up and ran a hand along his arm.  "Now where were we?" she asked in a tone that he suspected was supposed to be a purr.  To him, it sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

Philip turned, pulled himself away, and stood up.  "I'm sorry, but I have a bit of an emergency," he lied.  "Something that I just cannot put off."

"Not even 'til the morning?"  She pinched her face into another pout.

Shaking his head, Philip said, "Not even until then.  I wish we could continue, but it really is urgent."  He looked around and spotted some of her clothing.  He picked up the pieces and tossed
them onto the bed.

"You don't have to do that," she said.  "I can wait until you come back."

Not a chance in hell, Philip thought.  As he picked up his pants and pulled them on, he feigned an apologetic tone.  "Oh . . . I don't think that would be the best idea.  It's a . . . house rule.  If anyone brings a guest here, they must stay with.  Since I have to go, you have to go."

"Well will you call me?"  She sounded sincerely disappointed.

Philip nodded, even as he repeated silently that there was not a chance in hell.  "I'll call the hospital."  He winked.  "I know exactly where you work."

She responded with a coy smile.  "All right, as long as you call me."  She began collecting her clothing.

Philip picked his shirt off the floor, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.  It was about all he could manage without feeling nauseated.  "I'll leave instructions with the driver to take you wherever you want to go."

She started to say something, but Philip was out the door before she finished the first word.  He would find a spot in the mansion where he could hide until he was sure that she was gone.

In the meantime, maybe he could try to figure out what Victor wanted with the Donovan girl.