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Kim looked out the car window to see if she could spot any sign of Caroline or Marlena.  She was impatient to get home to see if Jeannie and her friend had arrived.  Glancing over at Bo, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, she saw that he also was watching the supermarket windows.  "Maybe we should have gone with them," Kim said.

"Nah.  You're tired and I've never been all that big on grocery shopping."

Kim smiled.  "I don't know if I thanked you. . . ."

"You've thanked me about a dozen times since I got here," Bo said.  "You don't have to.  I'm your brother.  I'm just glad I can help."

"Well, I'm lucky to have you."  Kim reached over and patted his hand.  "You know, it's funny, but I didn't really expect you to be a match.  The doctors said siblings are the most likely to match, but--"

"But we're only half-siblings."  Bo finished the sentence for her.  "Yeah, Carly said something about that, too.  I guess I'll have to thank Victor for not screwing up my blood too much."

Kim scowled.  Just the name Victor Kiriakis caused her to seethe.  She knew the rest of her family had come to terms with him, but she never had.  Maybe it was because she had been so close to him and had actually heard him plan to kill Shane, or maybe it was because he had exposed her prostitution past to everyone in Salem.  There were some things that Kim could never forgive.

"He's not giving Mama a hard time, is he?" she asked.

"I don't think so."  Bo pursed his lips.  "I think Ma told him there was no chance after Pop died, so he moved on.  He's with Vivian now."

"Vivian Alamain -- as in Lawrence's aunt?"  Lawrence Alamain was another name from Kim's list of her top-five biggest mistakes.

Bo nodded.  "She's still a piece of work.  I just keep my distance."

"Probably the best thing." Kim said.  "So Mama's pretty much on her own?"

"Rafe's sisters live over the pub, so she's not alone."

"Rafe?"  Kim tried to place the name.

"Sami's current squeeze," Bo explained.

"Ah, I can never keep all of Sami's men straight."

"Speaking of a piece of work."  Bo shook his head in disgust.  "This guy's FBI, and he acts all superior because of it.  Drives me and Roman crazy.  What is it about Feds?  I swear sometimes I think Shane is the only normal agent out there."

"Shane Donovan and 'normal' don't go together in the same sentence," Kim said ruefully.

"Sorry.  Guess that's still a sore subject."

About as sore as a gaping hole in the chest, Kim thought.  "Let's change the subject, okay?"

"Sure.  So what do you want to talk about?"

She turned and looked him in the eye.  "How about you. baby brother?  How about you and Carly?"

"You mean how about me and Hope, don't you?" Bo said with a knowing look.

"That obvious?"  Kim and Bo had always been able to know what the other was thinking.  Sometimes it was damn annoying.

"Only because just about everyone else has already gotten on my case."  Bo looked away.  "I know what you all think, but Hope walked out on me.  At some point, I had to accept that and move on with my life."

That sounded so familiar.  Just like Shane when Kim had walked away, except he had gotten together with Kim's sister, not an ex-flame like Bo had.  But that was probably a distinction without a difference.  She turned to her brother.  "Have you asked Hope if she regrets walking out?"

Bo looked confused.  "Why would I do that?"

"You probably wouldn't, but looking back, it's what I always wanted Shane to ask.  Maybe if he'd done that, things would've turned out different."

"This isn't anything like that," Bo protested.

"Yes it is," Kim said.  "You may not see it, but it is.  After . . . ."  She struggled to get out the name, another of her big mistakes.  "Cal . . . after Cal, we couldn't get through to each other.  Shane pushed me away and I walked out.  Then he turned to Kayla."

"You regret that?"  Bo was looking at her intently.

Now that was a loaded question.  Yes.  No.  Sometimes.  "It's complicated," she finally said.

"Me and Hope are complicated too, Kimber."

"I know," Kim said.  "It's just that you and Hope were always able to work things out, no matter what happened.  You didn't push each other away like Shane and I did."

"We did plenty of pushing," Bo muttered.

"I still think you could work it out -- if you gave it a chance."

Bo drummed his fingers on the dashboard.  "Well, there's nothing I can really do about it now, even if I wanted to.  Hope's running around with John, looking for Shane."

Kim studied her brother.  He sounded almost jealous, even though she was fairly confident that nothing would happen between Hope and John.  That had only happened when they were controlled by Stefano.  Even Marlena seemed unconcerned.

Speaking of which. . . . Kim spotted Marlena and Caroline pushing two shopping carts loaded with grocery bags toward the car.  Kim sighed.  "It looks like they bought the entire store."

"Guess Ma doesn't think you're eating enough," Bo said with a laugh.  "And she did say something about Andrew looking thin."

"Are you accusing me of starving my son?" Kim said, her tone one of mocking exasperation.  She rolled her eyes.  "Well, maybe Mama will sneak some chowder into the hospital.  It's got to be better than what I'll be eating there for the next few weeks."

Bo chuckled.  "I'll make sure of it."