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Chapter 88: An Early Morning Goodbye

Bo woke early and crawled out of bed, taking care not to wake Carly.  He grimaced as he moved.  The medicine he was taking in advance of the bone marrow transplant was making him sore.  Or maybe he had over-exerted himself the night before.  Carly had some interesting ways of saying goodbye. 

Grabbing his cell phone, he stepped past his packed backs, padded quietly from the bedroom and headed to the kitchen.  He started the coffee maker and, while it was brewing, punched in Hope's number and waited as it began to ring.  And waited.  Like his previous calls, this one went to voicemail.  He left another message.

"Yeah, Hope, it's Bo again.  I'm heading out of Salem today -- to Kim's.  Ciara's with Roman, but you might want to give him a heads up about when you'll get back.  I may be in LA for a few weeks, so would you also give me a call and let me know."

He hung up, frustrated.  What was with that wife of his?  Running off to England to help John.  What about her responsibilities in Salem?  It was like she decided that because he wouldn't put her back on the streets, she would go out and find the most dangerous thing she could possibly do.  God, that woman got under his skin.

And why was he so hung up on Hope?  They were split up, weren't they?  He had moved on.  He was with Carly, who was currently lying naked in his bed.  Wasn't that good enough?

The coffee was ready, so he poured himself a cup and drank.  The clock on the microwave said it was 6:30 a.m.  He still had three hours before his flight.  Plenty of time.

Carrying his coffee cup with him, he wandered back to the bedroom.  He set the cup down on the end table and slid back into bed.  He pushed some of Carly's dark hair out of the way and nuzzled the back of her neck. 

She murmured sleepily.  "It's too early."

"It's never too early," Bo replied.  He slid a hand along her thigh, knowing that would wake her up.  It worked.  She rolled over to face him.

"You really are incorrigible," she said, as she ran a hand over his chest.  "But seeing as you might be gone for several weeks, I'll forgive you this one time."

Bo grinned.  "How magnanimous of you, princess."  Leaning in for a kiss, he whispered, "By my clock, I've got about an hour before Roman picks me up, so why don't we make every second count?"