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Chapter 87: "You got it in one."

Philip Kiriakis was drunk.  Not just tipsy and buzzed, but blind-and-stumbling drunk.  Things were better that way, he thought, as he staggered into the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion.  The mansion was no longer his home, but he had no idea where else to go. 

Taking a long drink from his flask, Philip drained its contents.  He took another step and began to lose his balance, but managed to grab onto an entryway table to steady himself.  The vase already there was not so lucky.  It toppled to the marble floor with a crash.

"Too bad," he muttered, and took a few more wobbly steps toward the library.  He could get a refill in there.

"Philip!  What the devil are you doing here?"  Phillip turned to see his father coming down the stairs in his robe.  He obviously had been woken by the crashing vase.  Victor looked toward the entryway clock.  "My god, it's 3 a.m."

"Big deal," Philip said, turning toward the library.

"Are you drunk?" 

"I see that you're quick to notice the obvious."  Phillip took another stumbling step.  "Yes, you got it in one.  I'm drunk.  And in a few minutes, I'll be even more drunk."

Victor walked over, took Phillip's arm, and began dragging him toward the kitchen.  "Let's get some coffee in you."

"Great, so I can be a caffeinated drunk."

They reached the kitchen and Victor helped his son into a chair.  Phillip opened his flask again, but then remembered it was empty.  He tossed it along the table, where it made a skittering sound before it fell to the floor.

"Care to explain what this is all about?" Victor asked, as he poured some coffee into a cup.

Phillip laughed.  "As if you didn't know."  He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out the envelope containing the photographs.  He slid those along the table, too.

"Ahh, yes.  I'm sorry about having to do that."  Victor set the cup on the table.  "I couldn't see my son being played for a fool."

Phillip shook his head.  He had staked out the Salem Motel a few nights earlier and seen Melanie and Nathan go inside.  A work emergency had called him away, but, evidently, Victor's people were prepared to catch what was happening inside.  "How could she?"

Victor shrugged as he took a seat opposite Phillip.  "Why do women do anything?  But it's obvious that Melanie never loved you, son.  She was using you."  He waited as Phillip sipped from the coffee cup.  "Melanie's not the first, and she certainly won't be the last.  You just got tricked."

Phillip nodded somberly. 

"The good thing, son, is that you found out now."  Victor said.  "You'll recover from this.  For now, you're home where you belong, and that's the most important thing."