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"Anna DiMera?"  Roman looked at Rafe in disbelief.  "You're trying to tell me that Anna kidnapped Sydney?"  He looked across the office at Bo for back-up.

Bo had to agree.  "Why would Anna kidnap Sydney?"

"I don't know," Rafe said.  "Why do DiMeras do anything.  You know what they're capable of."

Roman stood up from where he had been perched on the edge of Bo's desk.  "For one, she's only a DiMera by marriage, and, for two, I was married to the woman.  She's the mother of my daughter."

"Then I wouldn't plan on her attending any family celebrations for about 20 years."

Bo grimaced at Rafe's smug tone.  That was not going to go over well.  Roman did not haul off and deck the FBI agent, but Bo decided to play peacemaker nonetheless.  "Calm down, both of you.  Roman, let's just assume for the moment that what Rafe's saying is true.  I'm having a hard time buying it, just like you, but let's just assume he's right."

"Fine," Roman muttered.  "So where's Anna now?"

"Don't know," Rafe said.  "Probably headed out of the country."

"So she's got a head start on law enforcement."  Bo tried to think.

Rafe nodded.  "The FBI's all over it.  I sent out an alert."

"What about the other agencies?" Roman asked.  "CIA?  ISA?  Interpol."

Rafe shook his head.  "That's not really the CIA's deal, and the ISA . . . they're just a bunch of stuffed shirts with funny accents who like to take tea breaks."

Bo's slapped a palm to his forehead.  "Rafe, my man, were you born with a foot in your mouth?"

"I happened to have spent several years in the ISA," Roman said.  Bo could tell that his brother was about ready to lose it.

"Roman, calm down."  Bo watched as Roman muttered something to himself, but said nothing further.  Then Bo turned to Rafe.  "What my brother is trying to say is that we disagree with your, um, assessment of the ISA.  We've known some very good agents there.  If Anna fled the country, they're your best bet."

"Not to mention they have international jurisdiction," Roman added.  "Unlike the FBI."

Rafe shook his head.  "That doesn't matter.  I'm going to find Anna.  I don't care where I have to go."  He turned and stomped out of the office.

Bo sighed and watched Roman pretend to scream, before asking, "Were we that arrogant when we were younger?"

"Speak for yourself, little brother," Roman said.  "You were the hell-raiser."

Bo had to concede that he had gotten into his fair share of scrapes along the way, but he would never admit that out loud to Roman.  "Oh, right, and you were always 'Mr. Perfect' who never made any mistakes."

"So what do you think about this theory -- about Anna?"  Roman did not really look at Bo as he asked the question.

With a shrug, Bo said, "I don't know.  Nothing about the kidnapping makes a lot of sense.  This seems almost screwy enough to be true."

"But Anna?  She had to know what the family was going through."  Even though Roman and Anna had split years earlier, Roman would defend her.

"Look, maybe there's a good explanation, Roman, and this is just Rafe spouting off.  We don't really know a thing."

"True," Roman said with a nod.  He shook his head, as an amused expression crossed his face.  "What I'd give to lock Rafe in a room with Shane Donovan and let him make that crack about the ISA."

"If only we were so lucky," Bo joked.  "Of course, that would leave Sami with Junior DiMera."

Roman rolled his eyes.  "Don't remind me."  He changed the subject.  "Speaking of Shane, by the way, have you heard anything from your wife?"

The alarm bells rang in Bo's head.  What did Hope have to do with Shane?  "No," Bo said.  "So why don't you fill me in?"  He could see Roman blanch.

"This is going to be one of those times when I should have probably just kept my mouth shut, isn't it?"  Roman shuffled his feet a little.  "I'm probably hanging around Rafe too much."

"Out with it, Roman?"

"I spoke with Kimmie earlier.  She mentioned that Hope's with John in England."

"I knew I wasn't going to like what you were going to say," Bo said, his voice rising.  "So she's there, getting involved in who knows what?"  He stood up from his desk.  "I'm getting on the next plane for London and hauling her back here."

"Take it easy."  This time it was Roman's turn to do the calming.  "You're not getting on a plane to London, because you and Ma have to get on a plane to Los Angeles to go help our sister.  Besides, Hope's with John.  What kind of trouble could she get into?"