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Chapter 78: Philip's Tip

Philip Kiriakis exited the elevator on the second floor of University Hospital and quickly looked around.  Only one nurse was at the station, and she was distracted by something taking place on the other side of the floor.

Good, he thought, as he made his way quickly to the staff locker room.  He slipped inside and headed for Melanie's.  She had a lock on the door, but she had given Philip the combination when she was hospitalized.

He hesitated briefly.  He knew this was wrong, searching her locker based only on the word of an anonymous tipster.   But if the tip was true . . .

Philip hated being played for the fool.

He finished with the lock and opened the door.  The note was where he had been told it would be.  Unfolding it, he steeled himself and read its contents.


    Meet me at the Salem Motel at 7 pm.  Room 106.


Phillip took a deep breath.  For a moment, he wanted to crumple the note and toss it in the trash, but he wanted more proof.  He refolded the note and put it back in the locker.  Then he quickly slipped out of the locker room. 

As he turned the corner on his way back to the elevator, he spotted his wife chatting with the very same brown-haired doctor who had sent the note, Nathan Horton.  She was leaning against the wall, Nathan opposite her.  Philip watched her, noting the way she tilted her head and smiled at Nathan.

He couldn't believe it.  He wanted to confront them right there, but he forced himself to remain outwardly composed.  Just wait, he thought.  Just be sure before you do anything.  He turned and headed for the elevator.  Soon enough, he would know the truth.