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Chapter 72: Desk Duty

Hope drummed her fingers along her desk and glared in the direction of the "Police Commissioner's" office.  She was sick of desk duty and she knew Bo was just using her accident as an excuse to keep her out of the field.  It was infuriating.  She had not become a cop and studied her ass off for the Detective's Exam just so she could sit at a desk and do nothing.

"Here, I've got something for you."  She turned and saw Roman holding out a thick file. 

Great, just what she wanted.  More paperwork.  "Fine."  She took the folder.  "What is it?"

"It's the details of that big ISA/FBI operation," he said.  "Looks like they did a number on some DiMera operations.  We should be prepared."

"For what?  You think someone might try to muscle in on Stefano's territory?"

Roman nodded.  "It's possible.  You'll notice that there's one name conspicuously absent from the crime syndicates that got taken down."

Hope did not even need to look at the file to know who Roman was talking about.  "Kiriakis?"

"Got it in one," he said.  "Knew you'd make a good detective."

"Why don't you tell your brother that?" she muttered.

"He'll come around, Hope.  You've got to just be patient."  Roman gave her a sympathetic smile as he turned and headed back to his office.

"Yeah," Hope said under her breath.  "When hell freezes over."  It really was too bad that Roman had turned down the Commissioner's job.  At least, he had some faith in her. 

Still grumbling, she flipped open the file and began to read.  The report was pretty dry, but it detailed how the ISA had learned of a plan to use the island nation of Costa Blanca as a haven for drug, gun and human trafficking.  Hope thought it was an interesting plan.  By having numerous syndicates cooperate in the plan, they could lower trafficking costs and would probably avoid turf wars.  Reading further, she saw how the ISA had infiltrated the Costa Blanca government during the very planning stages, obtained critical information about each of the syndicates involved in the plan and used that information to infiltrate the participating syndicates.

Hope had a very odd feeling as she read.  Something this significant required careful planning and execution, especially to be on top of the Costa Blanca plan so early.  What she was reading had Shane Donovan's fingerprints all over it. 

She thought back to her lunch with John.  He had said that he thought Shane's disappearance was ISA-related.  But she had thought it might relate to some past enemy from the ISA.  This would have him involved in an ISA operation after he had left the agency.

Unless he had never left.

Of course.  Hope tried to remember what Bo had said about Shane's business venture.  Something about providing private security forces.  What better way would there be to infiltrate the bad guys than to offer them security?  Hadn't John learned things about Victor when he set up the security system at Victor's mansion?  This could be the same thing, just on a much grander scale.

Her only question was why Shane was still missing now that the syndicates had been busted.  That was the problem with her theory.  Even if something had gone wrong, the ISA would have only kept it under wraps until the mission ended.  Or would they?

Maybe she was grasping at straws, but this was probably as good a lead as any John had. She might as well pass it along.  She picked up her cell phone, dialed John's number, and waited for him to answer.

"Black here," came his voice through the line.  It sounded like he was talking in a tunnel.

"John, it's Hope.  Where are you?  I can barely hear you."

"Sorry, bad reception here," he said.  "I'm in England."

"Let me guess -- Donovan Manor?"

"You got it," John said.  "What can I do for you?"

"Actually, I've got something for you."  Hope paused momentarily.  If there was something going on with the ISA, maybe it wasn't something she should discuss by phone.  "How long are you going to be there?"

John seemed to hesitate before answering.  "At least for another week or so.  I've got someone I need to meet with."

"Okay," Hope said.  "I'll get you some documents that I think you'll find interesting.  Talk to you soon, John."

She walked over to the copier and put the report in the document feeder.  Then she turned and walked to Bo's office.  She knocked and waited until he called her in.  Once inside, Hope marched directly to his desk.  "Are you planning on keeping me at that desk?"

Bo shrugged.  "If that's what keeps you out of trouble, yes."

"Fine," Hope said.  "I want you to authorize a temporary leave of absence for me."

"Why should I do that?"  Bo's eyes narrowed.  "You're up to something, aren't you?"

Hope crossed her arms.  "I'm not up to anything.  I just don't want to be stuck at that desk for weeks on end.  If you don't give me the leave, I'll just quit."

"You won't see me complaining."  Bo leaned back in his chair and gave her a smug smile.

"You will when I sue the Salem PD and its Commissioner for gender discrimination," she said evenly.  "I don't see other cops being put on desk duty for their own protection -- especially when they don't need it."

"It's not gender discrimination.  It's mother-of-my-children discrimination."

"I'd love to see you prove that in court."  When he scowled uncomfortably, Hope could tell she had him beat.  "So do I get my leave?"

"Fine," he grumbled.  "Are you going to tell me what you're up to?"

Hope gave Bo a placid smile as she backed out of his office.  "Nothing much.  I'm just thinking of doing a little traveling."


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Dec. 8th, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad Hope is getting involved. And I loved the way she threatened Bo with a discrimination suit.
Dec. 9th, 2010 05:57 am (UTC)
Thanks. I really wanted to get Hope involved in the story a bit more, because I have always loved the Shane/Hope relationship. So I figured why not have her join in the search. Hopefully, you'll enjoy what happens.
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