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Chapter 69: Jeannie Makes Some Plans

Jeannie was exhausted when she finally reached the dorm.  She had left New Haven at 7 a.m. and it was now nearly 11 p.m.  "This must be how jet-setters live," she mumbled.  Yet, despite her exhaustion, she still felt exhilarated.

Victor Kiriakis -- the Victor Kiriakis -- had taken an interest in her.  How cool was that?  She was still amazed.  And he knew her family, even her parents.

It hardly surprised her that her father had misjudged Mr. Kiriakis.  That seemed to be how he thought -- mistrusting and doubting everyone.  She remembered how he had underestimated her the last time she had seen him, when he questioned her ability to get into Yale.  Well, she had proven otherwise, and, now, even one of the most important men in the world had shown more faith in her judgment than her own father had.

She unlocked the door and stepped into the common room of her dorm.  Shivaughn was lying on the couch, reading a thick book on Employment Discrimination, but immediately set it aside and looked at Jeannie.  "How'd it go?"

Jeannie beamed.  "You won't believe it," she said, struggling to keep her voice down so she did not wake anyone in the neighboring dorms.

"You got the job? Shivaughn asked.

"Not only did I get the job," Jeannie said.  "You did too."

Shivaughn definitely looked confused.  "What do you mean?"

"I had dinner with Victor Kiriakis--"

"Wait," Shivaughn interrupted.  "You had dinner with Victor Kiriakis?  Billionaire Victor Kiriakis?"

Jeannie nodded.  "Just him and me.  It turns out that he knows my family.  I never knew that, but he used to be close to my mom.  So, anyway, we were talking, and I mentioned you, and he asked if you would be someone he would like to have at Titan.  You have to come."

Shivaughn started to say something, then hesitated.

"It's $6,000 a week," Jeannie pointed out.  "And living in Salem will be a lot cheaper than most of the places you'd live, plus we can get an apartment together for the summer.  Most of the work is going to be researching and writing cases.  That's the same thing you'd be doing at most places -- just for a lot more money."

Jeannie could tell her roommate was beginning to warm to the idea.  "So what do I have to do?" Shivaughn asked.  "When do they want me to interview?"

"They don't.  Mr. Kiriakis said just to call his office; he gave me the direct number."

Shivaughn frowned.  "Something's weird about this."

"It's not weird," Jeannie assured her.  "Mr. Kiriakis is just a very giving person.  You'd think he was just a normal old man by the way he acts, not the CEO of a major company.  I know that sounds weird, but he was really super-nice."

"You should do his PR," Shivaughn teased.

Jeannie rolled her eyes.  "Very funny.  You sound just like my brother."

"I think I'd like your brother."  Shivaughn winked, but Jeannie just shook her head at her roommate's constant comments about Andrew.

Speaking of whom.  "Oh, damn, I missed our call tonight."  Jeannie pulled out her phone and headed for her room.  A few minutes later, Andrew answered.  "Hey, Big Brother, what's the news?"  She listened as Andrew filled her in on the latest.  "Are you serious?  Uncle Bo's a match?  So does Mom have a date for the surgery?"

Jeannie listened as he gave the details.  The date was during her spring break, so she would be able to be there for her mom.  There was no question about that.  The only problem was it meant changing her spring break plans with Shivaughn.  That would leave her roommate high and dry, since Jeannie was going to pay most of the way.  Then an idea popped into her head.

"Andy, how crowded do you think the house will be that week?  Will there be a spare guest room?"  Jeannie knew the answer.  Of course there would be.  Even with Marlena, Bo and Grandma Brady there, they had enough rooms.

Shivaughn would protest and argue that it made no sense for her to visit while Kim was sick, but Jeannie would bring her around.  She hung up the call with Andrew and headed back to the common room.

"So . . ." she said to Shivaughn.  "I've got good news and bad news.  The bad news is that I can't go to the Bahamas like we planned."  She ignored the dejected look on Shivaughn's face.  "The good news is that you're coming with me to California."


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Dec. 3rd, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Kim must have kept Jeannie pretty sheltered, if she doesn't know that Victor is Bo's father. Looking forward to how this develops between mother and daughter.
Dec. 4th, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
I did debate whether Jeannie and Andrew should know more about Victor. I suspect Victor is not a subject Kim tended to broach. I figure that they might know that Bo has a different biological father, but they would probably have been told that, for all intents and purposes, Shawn Sr. was his father.

It's interesting that you're focusing on Kim's reaction. I've been focusing on the Shane-Jeannie confrontation. After all, Shane will have just spent more than a year of his life in prison because of Victor. I really haven't figured out yet the circumstances and details of Kim's reaction and how much she will reveal about her past with Victor.
Dec. 4th, 2010 06:52 am (UTC)
I guess I was thinking of it from Jeannie's perspective, and how she would feel about being allowed to walk into a situation like that, unaware.

And of course it's interesting, because Kim has very valid reasons for not being open about that history, and no expectation that Jeannie and Victor would cross paths. The thought of Victor preying on her daughter, a third generation of Brady woman, would have to be chilling for Kim.
Dec. 5th, 2010 02:36 am (UTC)
You make a very good point about Jeannie walking in unaware. I suspect it's just that Kim never thought Jeannie would ever wind up in Salem or anywhere near Titan, so she never felt the need to discuss Victor. In an earlier scene, I mentioned that Kimberly had kept Victor a secret because she didn't want them to know of the uncertainty about Andrew's paternity. It will be interesting to figure out what exactly Kim will reveal to Jeannie when she does find out about her job. Of course, that will also depend a bit on what Jeannie actually tells Kim about the job.

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