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One Year Later

How could all those people act so normal when the entire world was collapsing?  Kimberly stared out the window at the pedestrians walking along 3rd St. as they entered and exited the nearby restaurants and bars.

"Mrs. Collier?"

She did not react to the voice, but let her eyes linger on the people below before she began to turn.  Her eyes caught the diploma on a wall.  UCLA School of Medicine.  She wondered.  UCLA was a decent school, but it was not Harvard or Johns Hopkins.  Maybe she should find another doctor, get a different opinion.

"Mrs. Collier?"

She broke away from the diploma and looked back at the white-coated doctor seated behind his desk.

"Mrs. Collier?" he asked for the third time.

"You know, it's funny, I'm not really 'Mrs. Collier' anymore."  Not since Philip had run off with a starlet from his latest direct-to-DVD production.  That had been quite the scandal among the circle of people she once considered friends.  It dawned on her that her surname really was not that important at the moment.  She needed to focus, to toughen up, so she looked at Doctor Lawrence and asked, with a biting laugh, "'Not great'?  Is that a medical term?"

Dr. Lawrence looked down at his desk and fiddled with a paper clip.  "I'm sorry, but that was probably a poor choice of words.  I just wanted to be honest with you."

"So what are my options?"

"At this stage, we could put you through a regular course of chemotherapy.  That's the traditional approach.  We would normally do the chemo and then see how your body reacts.  In your case, I don't want to waste time.  I'd like to look into also doing a bone marrow transplant.  You would do a course of the chemotherapy to prepare you and then we'd inject donor cells to bolster the growth of noncancerous.  Assuming we can find a suitable donor.  A close family member.  A child or sibling usually are most likely to match."

"I have a big family," she said, vaguely.

"Then we should have them tested immediately."

Kim thought.  "My son, Andrew, he won't match.  We have different blood types.  He was in an accident once, and I couldn't donate to him.  I don't know about my daughter."

"What about siblings" Dr. Lawrence asked.

"My brothers are in Salem.  I'm sure they'd agree to be tested."  Kim felt like she was talking through a veil of smoke.  This couldn't be happening.  It was all part of a dream.  "I have a sister, but she's in Africa, so can we just try my brothers first?"

"Of course."

She fought to focus back on the present, this room, the doctor's office.  'Stay tough, Kimber,' Bo's voice came unbidden to her ears.  She blinked and looked at the doctor again.  "How soon?"

"We could start the chemo within a few days."

She nodded, determined.  "Next week.  I need a chance to tell my children first."


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Myrthala Miranda-Guzman
Apr. 2nd, 2011 08:14 pm (UTC)
Can't wait to get some time to read this all the way through.
I'm looking forward to it. :)
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