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Thank you very much for reading the story.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again and mention a few things.

First, since so many people travel over Thanksgiving, I probably will only post a couple of scenes over the holiday weekend.

Second, I think I'm starting to learn a few things about you, dear readers.  From some of the statistics, it appears that if I post about Rafe, very few of you read it.  If I post a Kim scene,  I get about twice as many readers.  Label a label a chapter as  "NSFW" and the numbers nearly double.  LOL.  Very interesting.  Now where is that winking emoticon when you need it?  (Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Rafe because of the original concept for the fic -- using the basic shell of the plot from the with Rafe winding up in prison with Shane and Kim fighting leukemia.)

Third, I know I've mentioned this a few times, but I would like to remind you that this story is a work in progress.  I intend to revise the story both as I go along and when I finish.  Therefore, it would be very helpful to receive comments letting me know what is working for you in the fic and what is not.  To give you an idea of the comments, I have received a total of nine comments in the month of November, three of which came on the Andrew/Monica scene.  In that same time, I have posted 19 scenes.  I am not suggesting that people comment on every scene or that they go into a lot of detail.  However, I am really trying to get a sense of a few things right now, including:  (1) Are their characters that you like or dislike? (Obviously, Rafe is not pulling in readers); (2) How are Andrew and Jeannie coming across?; (3) Is the story dragging right now?  (I'm trying to do justice to Kim's leukemia, while also setting up some subplots involving Andrew, Jeannie, John, and Philip, among others, but I have been worried about this section); (4) Are there any subplots that you particularly like or any that you just hate?'; (5) Does the story have too much of some characters and too little of others?  (I know Shane has been a bit absent, but I feared it would get repetitive with too many scenes of him just sitting in his cell thinking while the story focuses a bit more on Kim's leukemia.  Shane will get more scenes as we get closer to Rafe joining him in prison and, then, that story will be more on the frontburner while Kim's story will move more to the back.)   And, of course, please feel free to offer any other thoughts you have about the plot or the writing.  Any thoughts are welcomed.  And please don't feel like you need to pull any punches.  I'm very open to criticism.

Again, thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.