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Chapter 60: Rafe's Suspicions

Rafe Hernandez knew something did not add up, and watching EJ fawn over Sami raised his suspicions even further.  He listened as Bo and Roman asked questions about how EJ had found Sydney.  The man seemed to have all the answers, spinning a tale about going to the forest and paying a ransom for Sydney.

Rafe didn't buy it.  EJ DiMera was trash and had reasons to hurt Sami by making her believe her child was dead.  When that failed, he had equally strong reasons to play hero.

"You want to try not looking so jealous?" Bo whispered in Rafe's ear. Rafe had not even realized that the other man had stepped away from EJ and had circled around him.

He clenched his fists.  "It just doesn't add up," Rafe said.  "Something smells about this whole story."

"Does it really matter now?"  Bo looked at Sami, who was cradling her daughter.  "Sydney's home.  Finally."

"And there is still a kidnapper on the loose out there."  Rafe turned to Bo.  "If it were Ciara, don't tell me you wouldn't rest until you found out who took her, even if you got her back."  Bo said nothing.  "I'm going to find out who took Sydney and if they were working with EJ."

Bo shrugged.  "It's the FBI writing your paychecks.  I can't stop you."

"No you can't."  Rafe smiled.  He had the superior resources at the FBI and would do what the Salem PD could never accomplish.  He knew that some people in Salem thought he was smug, but they just misinterpreted his confidence. 

Roman finished his questioning and walked over to them.  He was shaking his head.  "I don't know."

"See," Rafe said to Bo.  "Roman still has questions."

"What do you think?" Bo asked his brother.

Roman thought for a moment.  "I guess we should go check out the forest and see if we can find anything about the kidnappers.  Not that I expect to find much."

"You never know."  Rafe checked his pocket to make sure he had his keys.  "I'll drive."

As they drove, Rafe glanced over at Roman.  "You don't buy this story, do you?"

"Look, Rafe, I know you think EJ DiMera is the devil incarnate, but we don't have any proof he did anything wrong.  Yeah, he should have called us when he got the ransom demand, but it's understandable that he didn't."

"The only thing to understand about EJ DiMera is that he's a snake," Rafe muttered.  A snake with a lot of money and a powerful daddy.

"Maybe he is," Roman said.  "But you'd better be careful or you could get bit.  Don't go making this some kind of vendetta.  Or doesn't the FBI teach you about making things personal?"

Rafe glared at Sami's father.  "So what if I am?  You know EJ only did this to get back in Sami's bed."

"Hey, that's my daughter you're talking about," Roman growled.  Rafe was about to shoot off a response, but Roman's phone rang and he answered before Rafe was able to come up with anything suitable.  "Hey, Marlena. . . . Yeah, that's right.  I just saw her and she looks fine, but I wanted her to go to get checked by a doctor."  Roman stopped talking and listened.  "Actually, I'm going with Rafe to check out what EJ told us.  Uh huh.  Yeah.  Seems like the kidnappers wanted a ransom, and he paid it. . . .  No, he didn't tell us about it.  You know, I'd never have held that back from you."

Rafe kept driving.  No woman would ever browbeat him about an investigation.

"Right," Roman said.  Rafe caught the cop giving him a sideways glance.  "No, I don't know what she plans to do.  I'll do my best to stop that.  Mmm, hmm.  You know, we probably should wait until later to talk about this."  He gave Rafe another look.  "Will you be around later?  Okay. . . . Oh, wait, is Kimmie there?"  Another pause.  "Oh, well, you should know the other good news.  Carly came by this morning and Bo's a match.  I know. Crazy, isn't it?  Good news all around."  Roman nodded his head.  "That's a good idea.  Now you give my little sister a hug when she gets back.  Let her know I'm thinking 'bout her."  He hung up the phone.

Rafe laughed.  "Your ex has you whipped."

Roman glared at him.  "Did I say I wanted comments from the peanut gallery?  And like you should talk, Mr. 'I'm continuing an investigation because of whose bed a girl sleeps in.'"