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Two quick things. 

First, I made another revision to an early scene -- Chapter 3.  The revision has to do with Shane's thoughts about Kayla.

Second, in some upcoming chapters and throughout the remainder of the story, there is likely to be some adult content, including some sex scenes.  This story is about Kim and Shane, after all, and sex played a significant role in their relationship.

Now I have some strong opinions about sex scenes.  I try to be judicious about using them, try not to write sex scenes just to add a sex scene, and try to avoid writing scenes that are excessively graphic.   For the most part, I tend not to like scenes that use an "insert A into B" level of graphic description, so I try to avoid writing that way.  I also dislike euphemisms and try to avoid them as much as possible.  So you will not read on this site about anyone's "member," "tool," "box," or the most ridiculous euphemism I ever saw -- "love piston." 

Having said that, there will be sex scenes and other adult content in this story that will be sufficiently graphic to require a warning, especially for readers who access the site at work.  On any scene with questionable content, I will put a "NSFW" (Not safe for work) notation next to the chapter title so anyone who wants to avoid accessing it on a work computer or wants to skip the scene entirely will have fair notice.

As always, thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.