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Chapter 47: "I decide when Donovan dies"

"We have an opportunity for unparalleled expansion," Victor said to the men assembled in his office.  He pointed to a map on the wall.  "The ISA and FBI have destroyed several of our major competitors.  The opportunities are out there if we seek them."

"Where?" asked one of the henchmen.

"New York and New Jersey, for one.  Almost the entire Colombo and Genovese families were arrested."  Victor waited for the men in the room to stop laughing.  "Yes, it is amusing, I know, but this is a serious opportunity.  The De Vicenzo family in California also took a lot of losses."

"Won't the Mexican gangs take over there?  That could turn into a pretty bloody turf war."

"Perhaps," Victor said.  He had to admit that he had no desire to waste a bunch of men in a battle with the L.A. gangs.  "Perhaps we should wait and see what happens and then see if they want some business partners."

Victor's lieutenants all seemed to agree with that assessment.  Then one asked, "How about DiMera?  How did they do?"  He obviously was remembering the recent turf war between the Kiriakis and DiMera families.

"I don't know for sure," Victor answered.  "The DiMeras were involved in Costa Blanca.  That's where the authorities got the information to infiltrate their operations.  But I suspect Stefano was more cautious than most.  He had some losses, but I do not believe they are nearly as fatal as some of the other families."

"And how about our Costa Blanca operations?" asked one of the men.

Victor smiled.  "They're fine.  They were insulated even before I had my operatives tip off the ISA about Presidente Vasquez's grand operation.  It's quite a shame that Juan decided to get so ambitious.  Had he agreed to allow our traffic alone to pass through Costa Blanca, as I proposed, he would not be in this troublesome situation.  But if his government collapses, as I expect it will, our operations will be fine.  We've already provided the rebels with plenty of support."

All of the lieutenants looked around and nodded.  Victor himself had to smile.  It had been quite a feat to set everything in motion, and his plan had worked perfectly.  He was interrupted by a ringing telephone.  That was odd.  Marie would only interrupt a meeting if the call were urgent.  He answered.  "Yes?"  After she explained, he chuckled.  "Put the call through."  He waited momentarily until he heard a voice on the other end.  "Juan, how good it is to hear from you?" 

"Victor, how did you not know about this?" said the Costa Blanca President.  "Most of our partners have been arrested and Donovan all but admitted that he passed the information to the Americans.  You must have known."

Victor almost laughed at the panic in his old associate's voice.  "I'm sorry, Juan, but it came as complete news to me.  If you caught him in your office like you said, I doubt he had a chance to send anything.  Unless he had a transmitter.  Some of those devices are so tiny and advanced, you would never know they were there."  Victor made a point not to mention Donovan's name.  Even though he trusted his lieutenants, there were certain things that Victor liked to keep for himself.

"He must have had a transmitter," said Vazquez angrily.  "I'll have the heads of those soldiers who missed it.  As for Donovan, it is time, Victor.  He has lived too long."

"Hold on a moment, Juan."  Victor lowered the phone and looked around the room.  "Would you gentleman please wait outside while I finish this call?"  It was framed as a question, but the assembled men knew it to be an order and quickly filed out of the room.  Once the door was closed, Victor raised the phone again.  "Now listen to me, Juan.  I decide when Donovan dies, not you.  Unless you would like me to remove my investment in Costa Blanca."

Vasquez sounded immediately apologetic.  "No, of course not."

"Very well," Victor said.  "Now that we understand one another, let me make it clear that I have plans for Donovan."  Granted there were still a few details to work out, but he definitely had plans.  "I expect that we can put the plan in motion in a few weeks.  I assure you, Juan, Shane Donovan will not be a problem for much longer."