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Chapter 45: Fairytales Rarely Come True

Bo was trying to review some routine paperwork, but his eyes kept glazing over.  The reports on the ISA and FBI operation should have made for good reading.  If the information was true, several major crime families had been crippled and others, like the DiMeras, had taken huge hits.  But even that could barely keep Bo focused.  He yawned, and looked at the clock.  9:00 p.m.  Hope was late and Bo was getting annoyed.  Thankfully, he got a nice distraction as soft hands touched his shoulders and began to massage them.  "Mmmm," he mumbled.  "Feels good."

"You're far too tense," Carly said from behind him.

"I'll be better after the massage."  He leaned back so he could look up into her face.  "Anyone ever tell you that you've got the hands of a surgeon?"

She leaned forward.  "Just about every day."  Their lips met in a soft kiss.  When they separated, Bo laughed.

"I bet nobody has ever told you you've got poor self-esteem."  He took her hand and pulled her around the sofa until she was nestled beside him.  "Now why don't you show me what else you can do with those hands."  Carly was just beginning to comply when the doorbell rang.  Letting out a half-groan, half-whimper, Bo pushed her away.  "Figures.  Just when things were getting good."  He got up, crossed the room to the door, and opened it to see the unsmiling face of his wife.  "You're late."

"Sorry, didn't think you'd mind too much," Hope said, as she caught sight of Carly on the sofa.  Hope's face turned even more stony, as if that were possible, but then she forced a smile and looked down at the little girl beside her.  "Here we are, Ciara.  Daddy's going to take you to school tomorrow."  She looked back at Bo.  "I do appreciate this."

"Yeah, well, it's okay," he said.  He bent down and scooped up his little girl.  "And how's my pumpkin?"  Ciara giggled as he swung her around, and he didn't wait for an answer before looking back at Hope.  "Everything okay?"

Hope nodded, but looked pensive.  "I took her to see Gran.  She's . . . She's not doing so well."

"Aw, damn," Bo said.  Alice Horton was almost as much his own grandmother as Hope's.  Alice had always been a rock during his and Hope's up-and-down relationship, and the thought of ever losing "Mrs. H" was hard to fathom.  "Mrs. H is a tough lady, Hope.  You know that as well as I do.  She'll pull through this."

Hope looked down, not exactly convinced.  "Maybe.  She did enjoy seeing Ciara though."  With a sheepish look, Hope added, "Gran asked about you."

Bo knew what Hope was not saying.  Mrs. H had also probably played matchmaker.  Like half of Salem, she was convinced that Bo and Hope should be together, but that ship had sailed.  "I hope you said I was okay," he said.  "Tell her I'll try to stop by to see her soon.  Now I had better get Ciara to bed."

Hope gave him a long look that, despite their estrangement, he easily saw through.  I'm sorry, he thought, but there's no chance.  He felt a bit of resentment.  She was the one who had walked out on him, and he had moved on with his life with Carly.  He shouldn't have to feel guilty.

"Good night, Bo," was all she said.

"Good night, Hope."  With that, he closed the door and carried Ciara to her room.  The little girl was exhausted, and her head sagged against his shoulder.  He smiled.  The best thing that had come from his marriages to Hope had been their children.  Shawn Douglas was out exploring the world with his wife and child, and they also had this little miracle here in Salem. 

Still, there was something odd about Hope not being here to share it.  For a time, he and Hope seemed to have the fairytale relationship.  She was the rich, pampered girl and he was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who fell in love, went on adventures, and had an almost-royal wedding.  Everything seemed perfect for a time and Bo always believed the fairytale would continue.

Funny, but for a time, it seemed like all the Bradys were charmed when it came to love.  Bo had Hope, Roman had Marlena, Kimberly had Shane, and Kayla had Steve.  But time had done a number on them all.  Marlena was now with John, while Roman's life was pretty much dominated by work.  Kim was sick in California, and god knew where Shane had disappeared to.  And Bo and Hope's marriage was in tatters.  Only Kayla and Steve were together, and that was after 16 years apart when they thought Steve was dead.

If living in Salem taught you anything, it was that fairytales rarely came true.  There was no more Bo and Hope.  Carly was his future, or maybe it would be better to say his present.  Bo had given up picturing the future.

He reached Ciara's room and laid the little girl in her bed.  She yawned sleepily, but opened her wide brown eyes.  "Tell me a story, Daddy."

Bo wanted to roll his eyes, but he could hardly deny his little girl a bedtime story.  "What story would you like to me tell you?"

Ciara grinned.  "Oooohhh, I know.  Tell me 'bout the princess and the poor knight who saved from the evil wizard."

He took a seat on the edge of the bed, and laughed.  There was still one person in Salem who believed in fairytales.


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Nov. 5th, 2010 04:53 pm (UTC)
Beautiful chapter. Love the bit about fairytales and how reality intrudes on that idea -- especially in Salem.

Nov. 6th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)
Thanks. This was just a little interlude, but I thought the comment about Salem was fitting (if not a bit meta). Time certainly did do a number on the supercouples, didn't it?
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