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Chapter 31: Victor's New Plan

"I have the information you requested," Philip said, handing a manilla folder to his father, at their regular Monday afternoon meeting.  Victor just nodded and began thumbing through the materials.

"Looks thorough," he said.

"I guess."  Philip frowned slightly.  "I'm not sure what you wanted it for, so I tried to include everything I could."  And he had.  The file had everything from Jeannie Donovan's junior high school report cards and law school essays to Andrew Donovan's infant medical records to military psychological profile.

"What I want is my business, Philip."  Victor stopped as he reached a recent photo of Andrew.  He had grown into quite a handsome young man, an interesting mix of both his parents.  The boy's appearance raised an interesting thought in Victor's mind.  How long would Emma Donovan's trick have truly lasted?  The boy looked too much like Shane for people to overlook that resemblance.  "You know, if not for a quirk of fate, Andrew Donovan might have been your brother."

"Well then he's the lucky one, isn't he?" Philip quipped.  "Seems he did just fine."

Yes, he did, Victor thought.  He wondered if Philip's thoroughness had covered everything about Andrew Donovan.  He suspected his son had missed some key details.  "That will be all, Philip."

Victor waited for Philip to leave the room before taking a seat at his desk and reviewing the file.  He focused on Andrew first, curious to learn what he could about the young man he had once believed to be his son.  After reading through the materials, he was impressed.  Shane and Kimberly had a right to be proud.  Based on the file and what Kiriakis knew from other sources, the boy was duty-bound and would do exactly what Kiriakis wanted when the time came.  It would all play into Victor's intended plan.  Destroy the son in front of the father.  That was the type of pain and suffering Victor wanted Shane Donovan to experience before he also died.

Still, there were a few hiccups in the plan.  First, he needed to bait the hook properly and, right now, he did not have the proverbial worm.  He needed to think about that carefully and plan it right.  Timing was important.  His plans for Costa Blanca were critical to the future of his operation.  Hundreds of millions were at stake, and he needed to protect his investment.

Second, he had to keep his family out of it.  Knowing Bo, he would wind up right next to his nephew.  That had to be avoided.  Victor would have to find a diversion for his son.

John Black was another problem.  The man was his Brady's father, and his death would hurt Victor's grandson.  But how could Victor get the retribution he demanded without endangering John?  There was no way he could keep John out of this.  No matter how many wild goose chases he had Nate Weaver send the man on, the instant there was a legitimate lead, John would be on his way to Costa Blanca. 

Victor thought about his last game of chess, the one played in that dark, dank cell.  Shane had sacrificed his queen early, and that had been the key to his victory.  It was a fundamental element of the game.  Sometimes to win, you had to make necessary sacrifices.  Perhaps, in this instance, such a sacrifice could be avoided, but if it came to it, John Black was not Victor's blood.  Besides, Brady had mourned his father before.  He could do so again.

Then, of course, there was a final consideration.  He needed to confirm one last detail.  If his sources were correct, he was not the only one with an interest in the younger Donovan.  Victor chuckled.  This was going to make for quite an interesting meeting.

Victor set down the file on the boy, and opened the one about the girl.  He would admit that his interest in her was not the same; there was less of a direct involvement.  He also knew very little about her, so he sat back and began reading her file.  Interesting.  She clearly had brains and plenty of ambition given her academic track record.  And unlike her brother, Jeannie Donovan did not seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time in her father's orbit.  Of course, he remembered that there had been some questions about the girl's paternity, and Kimberly had moved away before the girl was born.  It always struck Victor as ironic that, given Shane's and Kimberly's sterling reputations in Salem, both of their children had been born under a cloud of uncertainty that should have seemed scandalous at the time.  But then Victor knew a bit more about Kimberly's methods than most people in this city.  She was hardly the paragon of virtue that so many believed. 

Kimberly Brady had caused Victor unimaginable pain.  Indeed, few people knew how bitter the whole situation with Andrew's paternity had been for Victor.  For one brief moment, he had possession of his "son," his heir.  Only to have that stripped from him.  None of that would have occurred without Kimberly's deceit.  And Shane was hardly innocent in the matter; he had forced Kimberly into the position of compromising herself with Victor and also was responsible for bringing to Salem his harpy of an ex-wife who manipulated the paternity tests.

So maybe Victor had a right to more than just the boy.  He would be perfectly justified in taking the girl too.  Not to kill her, no, there was no reason for that.  It would be pointless.  There were far better ways of using the girl in his plan.  Victor suspected that nothing would serve as sweeter revenge than bringing the girl into his orbit.  That would inflict far more pain on the Bradys -- and Shane Donovan if he lived long enough.  It also might be nice for Victor, who, after all, always had a strong preference for Brady women.

The plan was coming together.

Kill the boy.  Use the girl.

There was a delicious symmetry to the idea.  In effect, it was precisely what Victor had intended in Miami all those years ago.  Victor had lost that round, but he would win this time.  Yes, this time, it would be his turn to say checkmate.


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Oct. 10th, 2010 12:25 am (UTC)
Wow, love this version of Victor. Much more interesting than the grumpy old man he is now. Plus I love the idea of some Kiriakis/Brady conflict.

Oct. 12th, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
I really prefer 1980s bad-ass Victor to the current Victor. He really is a sad shadow of his former self on the current show. I recognize that John Aniston has great comic timing, so they give him funny lines, but there were some early scenes with Victor when he went from charming to sinister so easily. (One of my favorite evil Victor scenes is from just before Miami, when he finds out Kim can see and forces her to break up with Shane. He never comes right out and threatens Shane's life, but it's implied. Here's the scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27oyq-byfL4 ). In my mind, that Victor is still in Salem; he has just taken on the softer, weaker persona as a cover.
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