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Chapter 108: Captured

Shane's escape attempt ended with a bang, not a whimper. 

The first two guards through the hole died before they passed the doorframe.  He had selected his vantage point well.  Two shots.  Two down.

He watched as the bodies were pulled out of the doorway and back into the kitchen.

"Señor Donovan," came Vasquez's voice.  "There is no escape."

"You think I don't know that," Shane called back.

"Then surrender, señor."

"Not a bloody chance."

Silence.  Shane wondered if Vasquez was calling Victor.  Or maybe he had already called Victor.  How would he explain killing Victor's prize prisoner?  Too bad Shane wouldn't be around to see that.  It was almost worth dying to scuttle Victor's plans.

He spotted movement at the door.  Smart.  Someone was holding a mirror, trying to see inside the pantry.  He fired -- one shot -- and the mirror shattered. 

Vasquez spoke again.  "You are making this unnecessarily difficult, Señor Donovan."

Shane laughed.  "That's pretty much the point.  You wouldn't really want me to make this too easy for you.  Tell me, how many of your men are you willing to lose to kill me?  Is it really worth it?  You're going to have to kill me, and that won't make Kiriakis happy."

He could hear Vasquez cursing in Spanish.  Considering the situation, it was actually pretty funny; Shane almost had the upper hand. 

Of course, he knew that would never last.

The guards outside were up to something new.  He could hear a lot of movement and figured they were readying for another assault. 

Shane heard a popping noise and saw a cannister fly through the door.  Yellow smoke billowed out, obstructing his view.  Unable to see the door any longer, he began firing indiscriminately until his first clip of ammunition ran out. 

The choking, acrid smoke was burning his lungs as he loaded a fresh magazine.  He waited before firing, though, wondering why he did not hear return-fire.

Near the door, he heard a sound, something skittering along the floor.  It took a moment to register.


Shane dove back, as the grenade exploded.  The force of the blast knocked him back against the wall and he lost hold of his rifle.  He tried to shield himself as food, liquid and metal rained down on him.  He dodged a falling bag of flour, which struck the ground and let loose a billowing white cloud.  He tried to see through the smoke and flour to find his rifle, but it was nowhere in sight.  He looked for the handguns, but they were no longer on the shelf as he reached for them.

That's when he realized the shelf was teetering.  He tried to slide away, when he heard the skittering sound again.  He made no attempt to duck the explosion this time, but it was not close enough.  The explosion shattered the metal of the shelves and he looked up as the nearest one began to fall.  Shane had no chance to move before the side of the shelf came crashing down.

He stayed there, unmoving, as the heavy boots approached him.  One prodded the side of his head and he groaned.  Shane tried to move, but he was pinned underneath the heavy metal.

"Está vivo," said the guard. 

Only barely, Shane thought through the fog in his brain.  He heard Vasquez barking orders as guards began pulling away the debris.  After a little while, he was pulled to his feet and dragged in front of Vasquez. 

"You will be sorry for this, Señor Donovan."  Vasquez said something to the guards that Shane, in his foggy state, could not hear.  Then he turned back to Shane and said, "Kiriakis may need you alive and whole, but I've told my men they are free to do anything else.  I am certain you will enjoy their hospitality."