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Chapter 106: Trapped

From his crouched position behind the shelf, Shane kept his eyes on the pantry door.  His breathing had finally returned to normal and the adrenaline was beginning to fade.  He was exhausted, but he fought to stay focused.

Now, all he could do was wait.

He could hear men moving on the other side of the door.  They attempted to push it open, but as Shane had planned, the tipped shelf and its spilled contents, mostly metal cans, braced the door shut.  To open the door, the guards would have to use enough force to push the shelf backward, knocking down several others in the process.  They seemed to try that for a few moments, but then gave up. 

"I want him alive," came a voice through the door.  Vasquez.  Shane shook his head.  It looked like Victor was still in control of El Presidente.

Not that it would matter, though.

Just for a moment, Shane could relax and think.  He repeated in his head what Stefano had said.  "Destroyed" was the word he had used.  He had known from Vasquez that the ISA had broken up the operation, but what Stefano had said brought home that his mission was not just an ISA success.  At some level, that was supposed to be what was most important.  The job had to get done; agents were expendable.  But Stefano had said "destroyed," and that meant Shane had accomplished the most important part of the mission, the very reason he had come to Costa Blanca himself.  He just hoped his family would figure out the rest. 

He hoped they would forgive him.  For the secrets he had kept.  For dying.

Outside, he heard more movement followed by a loud noise that made him laugh.  Someone outside the pantry had a set of brains, he thought, as he listened to the chainsaw come closer.  He readied himself and aimed at the door, taking a quick check to make sure the pistol was still nearby. 

The chainsaw began high, and he saw the tip of the blade poke through the door.  But the saw struck the metal of the shelf.  Metal tore into metal, the sound echoing throughout the room before the chain snapped.  The chainsaw retreated through the door and Shane got another momentary reprieve.

He rested his head against the shelf and tried to picture his family one last time.  Was Andrew busy with the ISA?  Off on missions and saving the world?  He hoped not.  He hoped his son had wised up and chosen a different life.  Yet he also knew it was unlikely; Andrew was his own man and had grown up hearing about duty and the family legacy of service.  For that, Shane could only blame himself.  Maybe Andrew would figure things out; maybe he could stop his own son from following this path.

His daughters, both blond and beautiful.  Jeannie so like her mother, smart and stubborn.  Eve -- well, he had tried.  Maybe when he was gone, they would begin to understand.  He had failed them, but he hoped they would understand how much he loved them.

The chainsaw was fixed.  He could hear the deafening sound as it struck the door again.  This time it sliced the door below the shelf and began working its way across the wood.  In a moment, they would have cut a rectangle large enough for men to come through.

In Shane's mind, he saw Kim.  His beautiful, lovely Kim.  She was smiling at him, her eyes shining.

"Goodbye, my love," he whispered, as the wood cracked and the bottom half of the door came crashing down.