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Kim looked through the screen of the front door at the crush of cars lining the main road through the colony.  Marlena had just driven her back from a treatment and had helped her take a seat on the living room couch.  "What's going on out there?"

"They must be having Sam Vincent's funeral today," Andrew said.  It had been three days since he had seen Monica.  Each time he had passed by her house -- running alone because John had left -- he had seen no sign of her.

"Sam Vincent?" Kim asked.  "As in Sam Vincent who headed the company that distributed Phillip's films?"  At Andrew's nod, she sighed.  "I didn't know he died."

"Yep," Andrew said simply.  "Shot himself from what I was told.  Guess one of his last pictures must've bombed."

"Can we not make jokes about it?" Marlena said, as she entered the living room with a tray of food for Kim.  She had busied herself with the role of nurse after John left.  Keeping occupied made it easier to be apart from him, even though she still missed him terribly and continued to worry about what might happen to him.  Andrew fell silent, but kept looking across the courtyard through the gate to the cars on the road.  Marlena turned to Kim, who was looking in the same direction and frowning.  "What's wrong?" Marlena asked.

"Phillip," Kim answered.  "He's probably in the colony right now."

"Don't worry, Mum."  Andrew's fists were clenched and Marlena saw a dark glint in his eyes.  "Phillip won't disturb you -- ever."

"Let's not worry about that," Marlena said.  There was something about Andrew's manner that reminded her of how John acted when he sensed danger.  John would grow tense, tightening almost like a coil about to spring.

Marlena tried to put that thought out of her mind as she sat down next to Kim, who began picking at the sandwich and salad on her plate.  Kim looked tired, leading Marlena to suspect that her friend had another restless night while Andrew was on night-nurse duty.  "Feeling okay?"

"Fine," Kim said.  "But I could probably use a nap after lunch."  She reached up and adjusted her new wig -- a far superior one to what she had been wearing the first night Marlena had arrived.  This wig was simple, with shoulder length, light red hair.   Marlena had always preferred Kim as a blond, but she had insisted on red, saying she wanted to be "bold."

"A nap could be arranged -- after you finish your lunch."  Marlena was insistent that Kim eat the food put before her after her doctor expressed concern at how much weight Kim had lost during the chemotherapy.  Marlena suspect that Andrew had been a bit of a pushover when it came to forcing his mother to eat.  Of course, Kim had reacted more strongly to food after the early chemo sessions, but she no longer seemed to be experiencing the same ill-effects.  

Kim grimaced.  "You're a regular drill sergeant."

"I do my best."  Marlena smiled just enough to make Kim laugh.

Kim took a few more bites of her sandwich.  "You know, I think my appetite is finally starting to come back.  Oh, by the way, any news from John?"

Marlena nodded.  John had called earlier that morning.  "Nothing new.  John's still trying to figure out how to get into Shane's computer."  According to John, he had accessed Shane's communications room at Donovan Manor, but the computer was password protected and he had so far been unable to figure out the password.  "He's going to keep trying," Marlena assured Kim.

"Good luck with that," Andrew muttered.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked.

He shrugged.  "I spent several days trying to get onto that bloody thing, thinking there might be some information about Father."

Kim set down her sandwich and leaned forward.  "How did you get to your father's computer?"  Andrew seemed confused, so she continued.  "I mean how did you physically get close enough to even turn on his computer."

"I went into the communications room and--"

"You have access to Shane's communications room?"  Kim's voice rose sharply.  "Do you know how much dangerous stuff is in there?"

"Mum," Andrew said, looking slightly bewildered.  "I've known how to get into the communications room since I was 12.  Father showed us--"

"Us?"  Kim's eyes narrowed.

"Jeannie and me, of course.   He showed us how to get in there and secure the room in case Donovan Manor was ever attacked and he wasn't there."

Kim covered her mouth with both hands, but Marlena thought she heard the words "kill him" muttered quietly.

"What's the big deal?" Andrew asked.

Kim drew a deep, audible breath.  "The big deal, Andrew, is that your father gave his children access to a room that was probably filled with lots of dangerous stuff--"

"No, no, Mum," Andrew said, with a shake of his head.  "All the weapons were locked up and Father kept the key on a high enough shelf that I couldn't reach it until I was 16.  And Jeannie's such a midget that she still can't reach it."

Kim and Marlena exchanged looks.  Like that would make any difference to Kim.  Marlena thought it was probably a good thing that Kim had no idea where Shane was right now.

Andrew started to speak, but Marlena cut him off.

"Andy, you know how the doctor said your mom should stay calm. . . . If you say another word, you're going to see what 'not calm' looks like.  So why don't you go upstairs?"

Andrew shrugged.  "I don't know what I said to get your knickers in--"

"Out!" Marlena ordered.

She waited until he was nearly to the top of the stairs before she looked back at Kim.  "Calm down."

"Calm down?" Kim said, sounding disbelieving.  "My son just said that his father gave him access to a room full of weapons when he was 12.  My god, Jeannie would probably have only been eight at the time."

"It was a long time ago.  And your kids turned out pretty well, considering."  Marlena thought about Sami and Brady for a comparison.  "Just try to keep that in mind."

Kim sighed.  "I know.  I knew my kids' lives would never be normal because of Shane's job, but still. . . ."

"I don't know.  I'm pretty impressed you never knew until now."  Marlena smiled.  "My kids would have rushed in and told me all about 'daddy's guns.'"

"Thank goodness for small favors," Kim muttered.

"I know this is hard to hear, but when you really think about it, it probably was a good idea that your kids had a place where they could go for safety."  Marlena reached over and touched Kim's hand.  "It's not just Shane's job, but being Brady kids, too.  I mean, look at what some of our kids went through.  Carrie was kidnapped, Belle was poisoned, Joey was taken by Stefano.  Whatever else you might think about Shane, your kids avoided a lot of that stuff."

Kim was silent for a few moments, but then nodded.  "I guess I know that.  I mean I always knew when Shane was involved in something particularly dangerous, because this place turned into an armed camp.  We'd have guards all over the place."  She giggled a little.  "It always infuriated Phillip when his guests had to be searched."

"You're right, it did."

Both Marlena and Kim turned toward the front door.  Just on the other side of the screen stood a quite drunk Phillip Collier.

"Hello, Kim," he said, slurring his words.  "I was in the neighborhood. . . . Thought I'd stop by and see my sick wife."